What is collagen? And what are the collagen rich foods for the skin?

What is collagen? And what are the collagen rich foods for the skin?

by Anirudh Jalan
Foods that help boost callagen The skin faces a lot of rough times with pollution, UV rays of the sun and the natural effects of advancing age. However, it is possible to keep the skin looking young and healthy if you make sure of a healthy diet. A protein known as collagen plays an important part in giving the skin suppleness, structure and elasticity. As the age advances the body produces less collagen and this is the reason that you need to eat collagen rich foods for the skin that provides the body with the necessary collagen. This will save you from fine lines, wrinkles and thinning of the skin as you age. It is necessary to eat the right kind of diet to ensure that the body gets sufficient collagen. The best part is that collagen rich foods are available for non-vegetarians, vegetarians and vegans. There are many foods that contain collagen to choose from in order to avail the necessary amount of collagen for the health and youthfulness of the skin.


A glass of lemonade will give you the boost in vitamin C that you require for the enhanced production of collagen in the body. Not just lemonade, you can also add lemon juice to salads, smoothies and other food and drinks. Lemons are very high in vitamin C and adding them to your dietary routine will enhance the beauty of your skin with enhanced collagen production


chicken Chicken is the top food from which collagen supplements are derived. Chicken is healthy white meat which has abundant amounts of collagen foods. Chicken contains a lot of connective tissues and these tissues make chicken a rich source of dietary collagen.

Fish and shellfish

fish and shellfish Similar to other animals fish and shellfish have bones and ligaments made of collagen. Researchers say that the collagen obtained from marine sources is the most easily absorbed by the body. Here you need to bear in mind that the meat of the fish contains comparatively less collagen than the parts like the head, scales, or eyeballs. In spite of this fish meat is also a rich and reliable source of collagen.


Garlic Garlic does add more flavor to your food and it can boost the collagen production in the body as well. Garlic has high amounts of sulfur which is a trace mineral that prevents the breakdown of collagen and enhances the production of it in the body. It is, however, necessary to eat large amounts of garlic to get the benefit of collagen production from it.


Eggs You can cook the eggs in any way that you want provided you keep the yellow yolk. This is because the yolk contains collagen which is beneficial for your skin. Even the whites of the eggs contain amino acids which are needed to produce collagen. Hence eggs are a one of the great collagen boosting foods and a source of collagen that will keep your skin youthful.

Dark leafy greens

Dark leafy greens Leafy greens like spinach, kale rainbow chard and collard greens are known for their nutrient value. They are especially rich in vitamin C which helps in the production of collagen in the body. At the same time they also contain chlorophyll that increases the amount of procollagen which is a precursor to the production of collagen. This is the reason why dark leafy greens are considered to be a food that helps in production of collagen in the body.

Red bell peppers

Red bell peppers Vitamin C is one of the main nutrients involved in the production of collagen in the body. Red bell peppers are a rich source of vitamin C and that is why they are one of the best collagen production foods. of course even yellow and green bell peppers have vitamin C but the red ones have the highest amount among all three. This vitamin C will ensure the production of collagen in the body and this in turn will keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. Of course it is necessary to eat a diet that provides collagen to the body and helps the body to produce collagen. However, in a hectic lifestyle sometimes we miss out on the necessary nutrients in the food. For this reason it is necessary to take skin health supplements like Chicnutrix Super C which contains Natural Amla Extracts rich in Vitamin C and Zinc. it boosts the collagen production, prevents acne breakouts and premature aging and fine lines. Add Chicnutrix Beauty Collagen to your diet, it contains Marine collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid, which will make your skin younger looking and hydrated. Collagen rich foods along with collagen supplements will make your skin youthful.