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Ursolia and its benefits in UTI management

Ursolia and its benefits in UTI management

by Anirudh Jalan

UTI is one of the most common infections that every woman suffers from and if you ever had to face one, then you must definitely be aware of the discomfort and at times the pain is so unbearable that we are unable to carry on with our everyday activities. But not anymore, because we have got Chicnutrix Happee, a Natural UTI Management Supplement that relieves the pain caused by UTI, cleanses and protects the bladder, and resists the recurrence of the UTI with its unique triple action formula of cranberry extracts, D-mannose, and Ursolia. We know, you all must be wondering what exactly is this Ursolia and what are the benefits, read on to know more about this unique ingredient present only in Chicnutrix Happee

What is Ursolia?

Ursolia is a novel ingredient from natural sage leaf extracts and is rich in Ursolic acid. It is a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient when combined with Cranberry in the treatment and prevention of UTI.

What does it do?

UTIs are painful as the bacteria causes damage to the urothelium which is the surface layer of the urinary bladder when they get attached to the walls. Ursolic acid present in the Ursolia helps in regenerating and keeping the injured urothelium in a good condition. Its potent anti-inflammatory properties reduce and prevent the inflammatory symptoms that cause the pain and discomfort during UTI. The major Ursolia benefits in UTI is to relieve the pain and inflammation. When combined with Cranberry extracts, Ursolia for UTI prevention and treatment works as a perfect pain relief for UTI. Cranberry prevents the bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary bladder while ursolia stops the pro-inflammatory cytokines (the ones that cause the damage to the surface walls). Ursolic acid present in the Ursolia is an effective component in reducing the injury and ulceration induced by potent oxidative agents. This important effect is especially suitable against UTI caused by E-coli, P-fimbriae. Ursolia when combined with cranberry extracts and D-Mannose works wonders in prevention and treatment of UTI with its triple action formula in Chicnutrix Happee. To treat active UT, consume one tablet a day for 30 days and to prevent the recurrence of infection, consume once every 3 months for 30 days. Just pop a tablet, let it fizz and drink to be pain free and pee happee. Happee is 100% vegan, doctor approved, gentle on the stomach with no side effects unless allergic to any specific ingredients that is a Chicnutrix side effect guarantee. Made with Swiss Effervescent Technology, it has high bioavailability, absorbs fast and is highly effective.

Manage UTI symptoms naturally

UTI symptoms include a strong, persistent urge to urinate, burning sensation when urinating, passing frequent and small amounts of urine, the urine appears cloudy. Chicnutrix Happee with its triple action formula and natural ingredients, relieves the pain, protects and cleanses the urinary tract and resists the bacteria from causing recurrent UTI. All the supplements are made with clinically proven ingredients which makes all the products at Chicnutrix side effect free.