Chicnutrix Highlights Of 2019

Kajol Paswann
It’s been eight months that we started our Chic journey on the path of being the Best Beauty Nutrition in India. On the way, we met many wonderful people who joined our Chic journey. At the end of the year, we would like to thank this amazing Makeup Artists and Influencers for joining us and making this a beautiful experience. To celebrate the end of the year, let’s look back to our Chic journey and we will introduce you to our top 5 amazing MUAs and Influencers.

1.Bijal Gada – Makeup Artist

Bijal Gada Bijal Gada is a makeup artist, beauty influencer and educator. Her favorite Chicnutrix product is Glow. She not only loves the way it makes her face glow but also the yummylicious taste. She swears by these beauty products everyday no matter how hectic her day has been.

2.Kajol Paswwan – Makeup Artist

Kajol Paswann Kajol R Paswwan is an International Makeup Artist. Kajol swears by her beauty regime and these beauty nutrition have become a part of her hair care routine. She loves the way Bounce makes her look so shiny, bouncy and making it more stronger and healthier.

3.Shreeya Gunawat – Blogger

Shreya Gunawat Shreeya is a blogger and self taught makeup artist. She loves to try out new products. Her favorite Chicnutrix product is Glow because it makes her skin smooth, supple and glowing. She also swears by her Vitamin C supplement to prevents the acne from popping up.

4.Manpreet Kaur – Blogger

Manpreet Kaur Manpreet Kaur Mannii is a Blogger. She fell in love with Mighty Omega because it helps her with nourishing her dry skin & hair and unlike other Omega-3 capsules, this doesn’t give her burps, has no fishy after taste and also it tastes like chocolate.

5.Bobby Chopra- Makeup Artist

Bobby Chopra Bobby Chopra is a makeup artist, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She loves Chicnutrix SuperC which helps her maintain clear, acne free skin, making it appear healthy and Bounce which helps maintain her amazing locks giving it more shinier and bouncy look. We would like to take this opportunity to thank these wonderful ladies for being a part of our Chicnutrix journey and for all the amazing feedbacks. We hope all of you have an amazing year ahead and we can continue this journey of ours till the end.