Busy mom
Life is incredibly busy once you become a mother. But that doesn’t mean you have to skip on taking care of yourself and your hair. We, at Chicnutrix, understand the needs of the women and so we have come up with five simple tips for your hair needs. Despite the busy life, these five tips will help you to take care of your hair and make it look healthy, shiny and bouncy again. Busy mom
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday
Washing your hair every day strips them off the natural oils produced by our scalp. When you don’t wash your hair every day, you give the oils a chance to make their way down the length to nourish them. Washing the hair every second to third day is ideal as it won’t dry out the hair or strip the natural oils off of hair.
  • Take some supplements
You might be eating a balanced diet but in this busy and on the go lifestyle it might so happen that you are still not getting enough nutrients in you. Here’s where supplements help you out. They are filled with the nutritional goodness, try Chicnutrix bounce for a gorgeous bouncy and shiny hair. This hair care supplements contain hair recovery complex amino acids, Biotin and selenium which promotes healthy hair growth cycle, prevents and reduces hair fall, hair loss, dull and brittle hair. chicnutrix bounce
  • Cold water shower
Hold up? You can use warm water at the beginning as it helps shampoo and conditioner to work their magic. But before you step out of the shower, a cold water rinse is essential. Cold water closes the cuticle, locking the moisture from conditioner in your locks making your hair look great. Try it for a few washes and see the difference.
  • Oiling is the best
Oiling Oiling is the best way to deep condition your hair at home. You can mix up various oil catering to exactly what your hair needs. Coconut oil is the best oil to nourish and moisturize your hair. Mix castor oil in 1:2 ratio with coconut oil for thicker, stronger hair. Store them up in bottle and use them at least once week and keep it overnight or for at least an hour before washing off.
  • Drink more water
I can’t stress the importance of hydration enough. More the water you drink, more the hydration your scalp gets. It strengthens your hair and makes it look great. You can always add our Chicnutrix Bounce for a yummylicious taste and also the benefits of biotin. We are here with these 5 tips so that with your super mom responsibilities, you can take care of yourself and have a great and gorgeous looking hair. CHEERS!