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Foods That Are Naturally Rich in Biotin

Foods That Are Naturally Rich in Biotin

by Isha Samtani

What is Biotin?

Biotin, Vitamin B7 and Vitamin H are one and the same, Biotin creates important enzymes in our body and is a vital part of a healthy metabolism, and Biotin is good for your nervous system as well. Biotin (Vitamin H) – Strengthen Hair and Healthy Nails. Biotin is water- soluble and is sensitive to air. Biotin deficiency can affect the hair growth and can lead to hair loss, undoubtedly intake of Biotin rich foods are important apart from that taking proper biotin supplements, or by using biotin-enriched shampoo the hair growth can be stimulated. These are the sources of Biotin.

Which foods are naturally rich in Biotin?


Egg is one of the biotin rich foods. The biotin level depends upon how we consume it, the boiled egg contains 55g of Biotin, and Fried egg contains 60g of Biotin. Eggs are also rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Egg proteins also help to aid muscle growth. One boiled egg contains 25 micrograms of Biotin according to Maryland medical centre and it is important to intake 30 micrograms Biotin in a day and when it comes to raw egg white, they contain a protein called egg avidin, according to the research if you eat two raw egg white daily then it is possible that you will face biotin deficiency. Eggs are power-packed with B-Complex Vitamins and proteins. Eggs help to promote new hair growth, improve hair elasticity and give you shiny looking hair.


Almost all the dairy products contain some amount of Biotin content in it, Cheddar cheese is very rich in Biotin, one ounce of cheddar cheese will serve you with 0.4 micrograms of Biotin, spread cheese gives you 10g of Biotin, Intake of one glass of a milk will serve you with on and around 0.3 micrograms of Biotin. Add one cube of cheese in your breakfast along with eggs this will go very well in your diet.


Almonds, Hazelnut, pistachio and Coconut contains 15g of Biotin. Wherein Walnut, cashew nut contains 20g of Biotin. We spend so many thousands of rupees for the treatments but you can make it easier and cheaper by eating right foods, nuts prevent you from hair loss along with stimulating the hair growth.


One cup of Avocado contains 150g of Biotin. Along with Vitamin B7 foods for hair growth, there are many other health benefits to it. Avocado is very good for maintaining skin quality as well. Avocados are an extremely nutrient-rich and potassium-rich food source. A half Avocado will serve you with 5% DV.


Banana contains 100g of Biotin content. Bananas are another source of energy, and are also known for their potassium level, bananas also contain fibre which maintains the digestive system. Bananas are a good source of Biotin.


Every meat product has its own Biotin value, Liver is the richest source of Biotin as the maximum amount of Biotin is stored in the liver, beef liver contains on and around 30 mcg Biotin in it. Rest other Meat products contain less amount of Biotin if we compare the content from other meat organs.


Biotin content in mushrooms prevents mushroom form parasites, cooking mushrooms and eating can serve you with biotin, but eating raw mushrooms will be much better. Mushrooms are also rich in selenium and other benefits to the hair. Vitamin B7 foods for hair growth are not sufficient has cooking, transportation, processing renders biotin unavailable to the body. Along with including biotin rich foods, taking biotin supplements has additional benefits as foods have lower quantity of biotin available. Add the above biotin rich foods with your every day diet, along with Chicnutrix Bounce for healthy shiny and bouncy hair.