DO’s And Don’ts Of Beauty Supplements.

DO’s And Don’ts Of Beauty Supplements.

by Juhi Dhanki

1. DO:- Store in a Cool & Dry Place:-

Almost every beauty supplement product packs would have the above line guiding to store them in a cool and dry place where they are not exposed to heat and sunlight. This is because supplements lose their effectiveness when exposed to heat & Light.

1. Don’t:-Double up

Ladies….If you think that taking more or double pills a day can help you get double the results then you are WRONG. Supplements work on your body in a desired manner and it is visible over a period of time. SO girls..never do the mistake of consuming double or more portions of the pills. Even if you miss your pills a day, DO not double it the other day. Maintain a track of the pills you consume on daily basis. This could be hazardous. Give it the time it demands for and patience gives you the best results.

2. D0:-Read the instructions carefully:-

Every product has some instructions and details printed on their packaging which if often ignored by us. Make sure you don’t miss the sight of these instructions that guides you regarding various minute details such as the Directions to Use, the quantity to be consumed, the food it has to be paired with and how many times can you pop that pill. Pay close attention to these details and consume the supplements accordingly.

2. Don’t :- Think all Supplements DO the Same Job

Every supplement is different from one another and is designed to help you deal with different problems. No single supplement solves all the issues or needs. The ingredient of the supplements decides the purpose of these supplements. Supplements are created clinically, keeping in mind that your body will absorb it. Refer to the details and ingredients and analyze if the supplement can fulfill your needs.

3. Do:- Consult a doctor if already on a medication:-

If you are already consuming any sort of medication, do consult your doctor before consuming any of these beauty supplements. The doctor knows your body mechanism and the effect of these on you better than you. Certain supplements could interfere with medication that you already must be taking resulting into some reaction or allergies.

3.Don’t:- Consume if Pregnant

Pregnant ladies shouldn’t be consuming beauty supplements without consulting their gynaecologists. Input of new supplements into your body while you are pregnant or breast feeding is not advisable.

4. Do:-Choose your supplement Wisely:-

Opt for a supplement because you know you need and not because you want to consume it just for the sake of experiencing it. You are the best judge for your own body. You know exactly what your body, Skin and hair needs so choose the right kind of supplements for the respective need. Be a smart and efficient buyer!