Complete Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements for Beauty

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Vitamins and Minerals play an important role in our daily body processes and functions in maintaining a healthy body, hair, skin & nails. In our fast-paced life, it becomes difficult to include all the vitamins and minerals in our diet. Our Skin, Hair & Nails are the first ones to get affected when our body is nutrient deficient. The other factors which affect our skin, hair & nails are sun damage, stress, pollution, alcohol, junk food, etc. Free radicals also cause damage to our skin, hair & nails. Free radicals are unstable molecules that are stabilized by antioxidants. Hence antioxidants also play an important role in fighting the daily damage. Nutritional supplements providing essential vitamins & minerals help us include the required nutrients daily without any hassle.

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Role of Multivitamin Supplements in Our Daily Lives

Multivitamin supplements provide many benefits when included in our daily life. They are specially curated to meet daily nutritional needs which otherwise become very difficult to achieve from natural vitamin and mineral foods. Taking nutritional supplements is highly beneficial but it is also important to check whether the supplements are made from high-quality, clinically proven ingredients and also whether they have high bioavailability. We may take dietary supplements or multivitamin supplements, but do we know how much of it gets absorbed and shows its benefits? Products that have fast absorption have high bioavailability which means most of the amount reaches the blood circulation and show their benefits. Multivitamin supplements help us in maintaining a healthy body with healthy hair, skin & nails. We all know about the role & importance of vitamins in our body but they also play a major role in maintaining our beauty - Hair, Skin & Nails.


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The Best Beauty Vitamins

All vitamins and minerals have a role in maintaining healthy hair, skin & nails. That is why all of them are considered the best beauty vitamins and minerals. A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, holistic diet, and multivitamin/multimineral capsules help in achieving glowing and healthy skin, thick and shiny hair & strong and hydrated nails.

Most of the multivitamins in the market are either in the tablet or capsule form, which usually tend to have low bioavailability, showing fewer or no results. To overcome this issue, Chicnutrix has curated a special formulation with the highest number of vitamins & minerals and added benefits of antioxidants. This beauty vitamins supplement is formulated with clinically proven ingredients in effervescent dosage form to increase the bioavailability and show faster results. Chicnutrix Beautymins is a unique formulation of 26 Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants for Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails, making it the best beauty vitamins supplement available. Chicnutrix Beautymins is formulated to be gentle on the stomach with faster action and absorption.

Chicnutrix Beautymins contains -

  • Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E & Vitamin K1
  • Minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Chromium, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium
  • Natural Plant Extracts like Grapeseed extract, Pomegranate extract
  • Added Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid & Myo-inositol

What It Does:

Chicnutrix Beautymins helps provide daily nutritional needs and helps prevent vitamin-mineral deficiencies in our fast-paced life. It also helps in protecting the skin from daily damage and maintains skin integrity and texture giving healthy & glowing skin. Beautymins is a must-have addition to your skin care routine to shine from the inside out. Chicnutrix Beautymins also helps in maintaining healthy hair by strengthening the hair roots to prevent any damage & breakage providing thick and shiny hair. Our nail beds and cuticles usually tend to be dry and have dead skin, this supplement helps moisturise nail beds & cuticles along with strengthening brittle nails as it also has biotin vitamin. Natural extracts like Grapeseed & Pomegranate help add an extra shine and strength to our beauty. They also have been known to increase the rate of skin cell turnover, meaning they keep the signs of aging away. Hyaluronic acid helps keep the skin, hair & nails well hydrated. It also contains Myo-inositol which helps in reducing stress levels. Stress can also cause damage to the skin, hair & nails, hence Chicnutrix Beautymins helps in fighting stress-related damage caused to skin, hair & nails. Vitamins help in protecting skin from daily damage and maintain healthy & glowing skin. They help maintain healthy hair and strengthen hair follicles, promote collagen production in skin and keratin production in hair. They also help strengthen brittle nails, and rejuvenate & restore dry nail beds & cuticles. Minerals also have a certain role & function to promote healthy, glowing, and radiant skin. Such multivitamins with zinc also help in reducing acne breakouts, fine lines & wrinkles improving the skin texture and integrity. Also helps promote hair follicle growth providing the needed support for the proper hair growth. Beauty starts from within, hence with the blend of 26 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you can maintain and support healthy hair, skin & nails.

Role of Vitamins & Minerals in Maintaining Hair, Skin & Nails:

  Vitamins    Role in Skin 
  Vitamin A    Antioxidant - prevents damage caused by sun  
  Vitamin C   Boosts collagen production, fights signs of aging - wrinkles,   fine lines, acne prevention 
  Vitamin E    Antioxidant - fights free radical damage 
  Vitamin D   Integral role in skin protection & rejuvenation, involved in   various cellular level functions 
  Vitamin K   Protects Collagen Layer & Promotes Wound Healing 
  Vitamin B   Promotes even toned, radiant skin. Helps balance the natural oils. Benefits overall skin health. 


Vitamins Role in Hair
Vitamin A  Helps the gland in creating sebum which moisturises the scalp & hair 
Vitamin C  Antioxidant - helps in iron absorption 
Vitamin E  Antioxidant - fights free radical damage 
Vitamin D  Helps create new hair follicles from which new hair grows 
Vitamin K   Prevents scalp calcification, which prevents new hair growth 
Vitamin B  Biotin, Helps transport RBCs to hair follicles which promotes hair growth 


 Minerals  Role in Skin 
Calcium  Helps in skin barrier function & homeostasis, sebum production maintaining skin moisture 
Chromium  Maintains blood sugar levels, prevents nerve damage that appears on the skin, making the skin look young 
Copper  Helps in synthesis & stabilisation of skin proteins (collagen & elastin) 
Iron  Protects skin from oxidative stress & sun damage 
Magnesium  Improves overall skin appearance, prevents acne 
Manganese  Activates enzymes that make skin cells, heals wounds, soothes skin 
Molybdenum  Enzyme cofactors which remove toxins out of the body and makes the skin clear 
Selenium   Helps antioxidants to function properly and helps fight oxidative stress 
Zinc  Helps in collagen production, prevents the growth of acne causing bacteria, reduces excess sebum production 


 Minerals  Role in Hair 
Calcium  Has a role in hair growth 
Chromium  Balances blood sugar levels which helps prevent hypo or hyperglycemia related hair loss 
Copper  Maintains hair color & structure of the hair shafts, preventing hair thinning & brittleness  
Iron  Helps RBCs carry oxygen to cells which promote hair growth 
Magnesium  Has a role in protein synthesis, prevents hair follicles calcium buildup which causes hair loss and prevents hair growth 
Manganese  Breaks down food which supplies nutrients to hair follicles to promote hair growth 
Molybdenum  Enzyme cofactor, helps prevent premature greying by regulating melanin production 
Selenium   Inhibits dandruff-causing fungus, helps in production of the thyroid hormone that regulates hair growth 
Zinc  Has a role in hair tissue growth & repair, helps oil glands around the follicles work properly 

Role of Natural Extracts & Other Ingredients in Maintaining Hair, Skin & Nails

 Grapeseed Extract                   & Pomegranate Extract 

Gives added benefit to skin, hair & nails giving them extra shine & strength, Increases Skin Cell Turnover Rate 
Hyaluronic Acid  Helps maintain skin moisture and integrity 
Myo-inositol  Helps in calming the mind and reducing stress levels in day-to-day life 


How It’s Used:

The On the Go Nutrition, Chicnutrix Beautymins for Hair, Skin & Nails is easy to consume, all you need to do is -

  • Pop - 1 Effervescent tablet into a glass of water (250ml approx)
  • Fizz - Wait till the effervescent tablet dissolves completely
  • Drink - Cheers to healthy hair, skin & nails.

Specially Formulated Multimineral Capsules

Chicnutrix Beautymins is specially formulated in effervescent form to achieve the best results. Effervescent nutrition completely dissolves in water first, and is then consumed. This allows the nutrients in the tablets to uniformly dissolve in the water before consumption. When these uniformly dissolved nutrients in the water reach the stomach, they are absorbed faster than the conventional tablets & capsules. Conventional tablets and capsules when consumed are in solid form and take time to first disintegrate, break into pieces, and then dissolve to get absorbed. Due to this, they are present for a long time in the gut. This causes a loss of nutrients due to the stomach acids present in the gut. This causes slow absorption of nutrients. Because of this, conventional vitamins or capsules have less bioavailability as less amount of nutrients reach the blood circulation. Whereas effervescent nutrition is in liquid form when consumed hence has fast absorption and thus high bioavailability. This effervescent multivitamin multimineral supplement has fast absorption which gives high bioavailability resulting in fast action.

The Bottom Line

Chicnutrix Beautymins is carefully created with high quality and clinically proven ingredients to meet your daily nutritional needs. Beauty starts from within, with the blend of 26 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that plays an important role and function in maintaining and supporting healthy hair, skin & nails.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your dose of daily beauty nutrition now.