Amino Acids and Hair

Amino acids for hair
Currently, in the market, there are many hair care products with amino acids in it promising longer, thicker, shinier and conditioned hair. But have you ever wondered, what are this amino acids and what they actually do to your hair? How they help and how effective these products and supplements are? Today, we will help elaborate on what, why and how’s of amino acids for hair growth and hair health. Let’s get started. Amino acids for hair What are Amino acids? Amino Acids are building block of proteins which is necessary for many of the structures and functions of our bodies. Our bodies produces 11 out of 20 different amino acids we need to function on daily basis. The remaining 9 amino acids are called essential amino acids that we consume or we get through our foods or supplements. This essential amino acids produce proteins which are used in building muscles, bones, hair and nails. How does amino acids work? Our hair is made up of protein called keratin which is made with 18 different amino acids. Keratin is formed from long chains of amino acids that allow your hair to bend, twist, and turn without breaking, lending strength and elasticity to hair. Amino acids helps strengthen the hair shaft and prevent hair breakage. Amino acids improves hair texture, making it look soft and silky smooth. It stimulates new hair growth and promotes longer hair. It also protects hair from detrimental effects of bleaching & colouring. It moisturises hair and repairs the surface damage. Overall, amino acids are natural ingredient to help improve hair health and give you shiny, bouncy hair. Why we need Amino Acids? If adequate amount of amino acids are not available in the body, then production of keratin protein reduces, which in turn will reduce hair growth. So to boost hair growth, amino acids are essential. Amino acids also play a major role in production of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) which supply oxygen to our hair follicles, thereby increasing hair growth. Deficiency of amino acids causes brittle, damaged hair and hair loss. How can we get Amino Acids? The amino acids can be consumed through foods or supplements. Certain Amino Acids Rich Foods are:
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Lentils
There are many Amino acids based supplements available in the market but our recommendation would be Chicnutrix Bounce. Why you ask? Chicnutrix Bounce contains not only Amino Acids Hair Recovery Complex but also biotin (which helps body in the production of amino acids) and selenium (improves scalp health), promoting healthy hair growth and reducing and preventing hair fall. Bounce is made with Swiss Effervescent Technology which will make the supplement for easy absorption and is available in yummylicious Raspberry taste.