2020 Beauty Trends

2020 beauty trends
At Chicnutrix, we blend beauty with science to offer holistic inward solutions so that you can look and feel beautiful from inside out. In our endeavor to uncover the best beauty secrets, our research team has done an in-depth analysis of the top trends to look out for in 2020. Below we break down the top 5 trends you should be on lookout for in the upcoming year.

1.Natural, clean and sustainable beauty products

With users becoming much more wellness and environmentally conscious, 2020 will see a boom in the growth of natural, sustainable beauty products. Chemical free, preservatives free products with ingredients locally sourced and free from animal testing will be the preferred choice.

2.Encapsulated ingredients

Visionaries Christine Chang and Sarah Lee launched Glow Recipe 5 years ago and already have annual sales in the tens of millions of dollars just via their Sephora point of sale outlets. As busy entrepreneurs themselves, they work on beauty solutions for the time starved, sleep deprived, highly stressed, tired skin and they make sure to be their own critic trying each product on themselves before launching. This has been the secret to their success. They believe, whole heartedly on encapsulated ingredients which increase the stability and efficacy of active ingredients due to a coating suspended around them.

3.Products with ingestible superfoods and natural derivatives

“We are what we eat”, is the trending belief. Whatever we eat affects our skin, our hair and our overall heath. So to look beautiful inside out, beauty nutrition in the form of supplements will become a part of our beauty routine. Chicnutrix products offers a range of beauty nutrition needed to achieve glowing skin and bouncy tresses. This dermatologist approved effervescent technology allows large dose of ingredients to be taken in a single serving and increases the bioavailability. A long term and more permanent solution for your beauty needs. The company’s clinically approved nutritional supplement. Chicnutrix Glow made with premium Swiss effervescent technology, aims at promoting glowing skin, reduces melanin production, dark spots and promotes even toned skin. It also is reputed to offer powerful anti-oxidant support against damage from pollution and ultraviolet rays. Chicnutrix Super C is rich in Amla extract and zinc that protects skin from harmful free radicals, aids in prevention of acne, dry skin, helps repair skin and reduces acne. This product in fast acting, easily digestible and vegan.

4.Products with topical superfoods and natural derivatives

Come 2020, look out for an influx of products using topical superfoods and natural derivatives such as cannabidiol, ginseng, centalla asiatica and more. Cannabidiol or CBD is a legal derivative of cannabis that sources differently so, unlike marijuana, it does not contain THC. It’s known for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties, both drop and edible forms would be available to cure acne and expedite cell renewal. High in antioxidants, this ingredient would be found in the advance anti-ageing products too.

5.K beauty

The luminous Korean beauty regime has shot into fame in 2019 and we will expect a consistent rise in this trend in the upcoming year. A 10-step routine for glowing skin minus the layers of foundation and time-consuming & makeup beauty rituals. Brands are veering towards offering skin products to cater to this growing requirement which aims to highlight healthy skin rather than cover blemishes, an effective prevention and protection approach.

6.Virtual wellness, bathing and breathing apps

With the millennials hooked onto their smart phones, technology too, will aid in beauty and wellness solutions in 2020. Virtual wellness will offer 24/7, 365 day solutions to beauty and wellness routines which allow for the consumer to find effective solutions customized for them without leaving their home! With the introduction of sound bath apps for relaxation and rejuvenation with the use of sound to produce specific frequencies to release tension. Similar to meditation and yoga practices, this out-of-the-box innovation will be seen as a rising trend in the coming year. Breathings apps which offer techniques to boost energy and calm the mind, will seamlessly find their way into the daily routines of the consumer. Going forward, customers would be looking for effective beauty solutions which are easy additions to their lifestyle and provides nourishment from the inside. Chicnutrix tablets, just need to be popped into water, the active ingredients of this fizzy refreshing nutritious drink will simultaneously work to solve your beauty needs from inside out. So, dip, sip and shine!