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Published : Jul 02, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : May 03, 2023
Heading out on a business trip?? Or taking a vacation break?? The temptation to do too much, eat too much and throw caution to the wind is going to be too common your trips. So how would you take care of that nutrition level in your body?? Ready for more? We have outlined a few nutrition tips for travel and fun healthy ideas to help you plan your nutrition diary accordingly!

1. When you Hit That Road Trip

Who doesn?t love munching in the car while on a road trip, there is an endless supply of junk food going into your body? Chips and Drinks are your favorites but replacing them with some yum healthy meals or nutritional drinks is never a bad idea. Grab on some air tight containers and fill them up with some yogurt, hummus and baby carrots, healthy veggie sandwiches, Quinoa Black Bean Salad or some hard boiled eggs. These are not only good for your taste buds but also filling and healthy.

2. On the Plane

Airplanes never provide you with healthy or dietary meals on the flights, you rather be a little extra smart and stay on track with your healthy nutritional routine. Instead of spending money on expensive, salty fast food at the airport or junk food on board, Traveling with some protein sources and a full liter of water can help prevent dehydration and fatigue, as well as excessive hunger and overeating later.

3. Beat that Jet Lag

Jetlag can be quite annoying and can definitely distract your first few days on your trip. There are no universal tricks but definitely, ways to cope up with them. You should definitely focus on your hydration levels while on the flight. Avoid caffeine drinks and alcohol which dehydrates you for sure. After energy and relaxation beverages, the drinks industry is putting its focus on a whole new set of well-being claims: the anti-jet lag refreshment. You can definitely grab one of these nutritional anti-jet lag drinks to enjoy the fullest of your trip.

4. Stay Hydrated

Hydration should always be a priority while you are on your travel trips, but it can be tough to keep a track on your daily water intake. Staying on top of it will help your blood transport oxygen and other nutrients to your cells and that will help boost your energy. That, along with proper hydration, vitalising energy drinks will help keep you feel powered and lively. You can always carry those travel friendly supplements to sip it with a glass of water on the go, keeping you hydrated and healthy.

5. Bump Up That Vitamin

Vitamin B gives your immune system a boost and increases your energy, making it an ideal addition to your supplement regimen if your vacation is going to be a little wild. "If you predict your level of walking and physical activities going to increase while on vacation, you may consider increasing your B vitamin intake to a healthy level with a B complex or additional multivitamin.

6. Sleeping Right

Having a hard time sleeping away from home?? Add a little magnesium to your regime which will not only help you get a good sleep but also regulate your digestion. People with low magnesium levels often complain about sleepless nights or waking up often during the night. Supplements with magnesium as a core ingredient are easily available and can be consumed anytime during your travel hours.


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