Top 4 Super foods that enhance your crowning glory

Published : Jul 02, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : May 03, 2023
Biotin Most people wish for strong and healthy hair. However, the factors that govern the growth and health of the hair include age, heredity and diet. We may not have control over age and heredity, but diet is one thing that we can control. This may be difficult with the fast-paced and on the go lifestyle and therefore you may have to make up with deficiency in your diet with supplements like protein, zinc selenium etc. but, supplements don?t make up the entire diet. So, let us look at the super foods which are excellent for the health and strength of the hair.


Eggs contain a lot of protein and biotin which promote the hair growth. Not only the growth but the health is also positively impacted by eating eggs in your daily diet. Hair follicles are made of protein and a diet lacking in protein causes hair loss. Biotin on the other hand is needed for the production of keratin which is a hair protein. If you eat a balanced diet then it is unlikely that you will suffer from deficiency of this important nutrient for your hair. Eggs also contain zinc and selenium which are nutrients necessary for hair growth. To give yourself the nutrient boost and compliment your food, you can try Chicnutrix Bounce made with Biotin, Selenium and Hair Recovery Complex of Amino acids for healthy strong hair.


Our hair is essentially made up of proteins, so is it any surprise that needs proteins to maintain its shine, bounce and strength. Adequate amount of proteins are needed to maintain its strength and make it appear more healthy. Our hair is made up of keratin and when keratin weakens, the hair strands become more prone to damage and breakage. The proteins from our diet helps the body to produce more keratin and hence nourishes the hair from within. So, fill up on adequate amount of high quality, lean protein onto your plate.


Nuts of all kinds are excellent for maintaining the health of your hair. Nuts are easily available and contain a variety of nutrients which promote the growth of the hair. For instance, 28 grams of almonds provide a high 37% of your daily vitamin E requirement. They also provide the body with a wide variety of B vitamins essential fatty acids and zinc. If you have a deficiency of these nutrients then you will experience hair loss. Nuts are not just good for hair, but they have many other health benefits.


Soybeans are rich in compounds like spermidine, which promotes hair growth. Spermidine has been studied by many researchers and it is proved that it prolongs the growth phase of the hair follicle which is known as anagen phase. The longer the anagen phase will be the longer the hair will grow. Test tube results have also shown that spermidine promotes the hair growth of humans. This is the reason it is recommended that you should include soybeans in your diet if you wish for healthy and strong hair. There are many other foods that contain compounds that enhance hair health and growth. However, it is usually difficult to eat the right amount of these foods especially when you already have a deficiency. This is the reason that supplements are needed to make sure that your hair and other organs of the body remain healthy. Chicnutrix a range of supplements for all your skin and hair. Chicnutrix Bounce has mentioned above is a complete hair food. Also, Chicnutrix Mighty Omega is Omega-3 fish oil supplement rich in EPA and DHA which prevents hair dryness, flaky scalp, hydrated and nourishes hair from within.


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