Summer Beauty Hacks

Published : Jul 02, 2021 1 mins read Updated On : Jan 20, 2023


Summers are here and so is heat but worry no more, you got our back with some cool summer hacks that every girl should know this season.

Because girls summer is all about having fun..!!

Don't panic! we got you a bunch of hacks that's going to make your Summer ready fight that tan!

1. Avocado Game Strong?!!!

Avocados are the good kind of fat! Just mash up an avocado And spread it evenly over your face, rinse. You won?t believe how smooth your skin feels afterwards.

2. Soak in the Glow

Red, tired, or puffy that?s how your skin looks this Summer???A good old fashioned dunk in cold water is a great idea for nourishing and relaxing your skin. Fill a bowl or with ice cold water or a few ice cubes, and dunk your face right in. Let the glow be ice cold baybee!!

3. Gel Cleanser To your Rescue

Does summer tend to leave your skin oily & Sweaty??? That?s why cleansing should be the first step in your skin care regime. This summer, consider using a gel facial cleanser! It absorbs more oil than the usual cream facewashes

4. Oily Skin Problems?

Mix 1 tbsp. of Sandalwood powder with 1 tbsp. of orange juice. Now add some turmeric into it and apply it all over your face using a brush, avoiding the areas around your eyes. Rinse it off once dry. All the extra oil is absorbed from the face leaving it smooth and glowing.

5. Alo(v)e Vera Cubes to get rid of Sun Tan

Aloe Vera is every girl?s best friend. This summer you got be all ready to defend your skin from the sun tan. Aloe Vera Gel can be used effectively by freezing it in an ice tray and applying it over the sun tanned body parts.

Ok Bye Bye Sun Tan?!!!


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