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Reinvent Your Nutrition Goals in 2021

Published : July 2, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : May 03, 2023
It's time to reinvent your lifestyle with good nutrition to look out for your hair, skin and wellness needs. Let?s start 2021 with a promise of loving yourself, your skin, your hair and every inch of your body. We rounded up five of our Chic girls to tell us what they promise to focus on as part of their self-reinventing journey. We hope they inspire you to take action and take charge of your beauty and wellness goals. This is what they had to say. Sakshi Sood

Sakshi Sood ? Makeup Artist

?I promise to be more kind to myself and make good nutrition a priority. Not only will I take care of my skin and hair from the outside but also from the within. I will also learn to make time for myself, prioritise self-love and exercise regularly.? Bijil Gada

Bijal Gada ? Makeup Artist

?I will make beauty nutrition a priority despite my busy schedule. I promise to give myself time to relax, de-stress and unwind because I don?t want to hustle until I burn out. This year, I will spend more quality time with myself, my son and my family.? Riti Nahata

Riti Nahata ? Blogger

?I will make sure to fulfill my skin and hair nutrition needs, the holistic way. To keep my skin healthy, I will consciosly remember to remove my makeup before bedtime, always reapply my sunscreen, even if I?m indoors, and drink more water throughout the day. I will work hard to adopt a healthier lifestyle by making conscious food choices and avoiding junk, sugary foods.? Divya

Divya ? Blogger

?I will make my needs a priority, especially my hair, skin and wellness needs. Being a mother, it?s difficult to take time out, but this year, I intend to get some downtime, too! I will learn to take care of myself in the same way that I take care of my family.? Manpreet Manni

Manpreet Manni ? Blogger

?I will commit to taking my beauty and wellness nutrition every day to bring me close to my beauty and wellness goals. It?s important that I take care of myself, my skin, and my hair from within. I intend to make more time to exercise and do my yoga, even if my schedule is erratic. My resolution is also to make healthier food choices by opting for nutrient-rich meals.? These amazing women have committed to a transformational lifestyle change by promising to keep their personal goals in check. We hope that your 2021 is better than ever! Don?t forget to take your nutrition to keep your beauty and wellness goals on track. Cheers!


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