Raksha Bandhan Healthy Gift Options to Nurture Your Sibling Bond

Published : Aug 05, 2022 9 mins read Updated On : May 05, 2023

We celebrate so many days throughout the year ? Mother's Day, Father's Day, Teacher's Day, etc. But Raksha Bandhan has to be one of the most fun celebrations that most of us look forward to. While it certainly signifies our love for our siblings, you will still have the right to fight about who gets the last piece of the sweet ? and that's what makes this bond so special.

So, let's pay an ode to all the siblings and thank them for filling our lives with love, laughter, fights, and unconditional care.

Reasons Why Having a Sibling is Great!

They Are Your BFF:

As much as you would hate to admit it, you know you have a friend and a well-wisher in your sibling. You may indulge in silly quarrels all day long, but when you need someone to lean on, you know they are the ones you can go to. They are always there to guide you ? whether it's for trying a new ice cream flavour or choosing a career. You have a best friend living under the same roof as you. A friend, you have a hate-love relationship with, always.

They Are Your Saviours:

Do you want to hide your ?special one? from your parents? Do you need your parent's signature on an atrocious report card? Broke your mother's favourite vase and needed a safe escape? Well, holler to your sibling right away. In exchange for a bribe like sharing your last bar of chocolate or buying a new shirt, they'll protect you from all the unpleasant situations of life. Just put out an SOS to them; you'll see the mastermind, planning your escape from everything that could put you in trouble.

They Can Be Your Counsellors:

If you need advice on anything ? getting over a breakup, impressing someone, making a career choice, or which TV show to binge watch next, you'll get the best tips from your siblings. You can bank on their experience and knowledge to make the best decisions in your life. Isn't it amazing that you get all this incredible counselling (almost) for free? Well, they will expect something in return, like you make their bed for a week or buy them whatever they demand.

You Will Become Better Negotiators:

The famous quote by Joker from Batman, "If you are good at something, never do it for free", is practically implemented by every sibling, especially when they are asked for favours. You will eventually learn how to get the best bargain in every situation. You need them to cover for you when you return home after your curfew hours, but you also know you'll have to treat them to their favourite food in return. So, if you grew up with a sibling, chances are you have imbibed some impressive negotiation skills. This Raksha Bandhan, you may want to thank them for that.

They Are Your Partner In Crime:

From playing a prank on your partners, or putting on an act to ask for a new gadget from them, you can rely on your sibling for all the plotting and planning. If you recall all the fun moments you had in your life, you know it's all because you had a partner who would be onboard to do whatever it takes to make some moments happy, funny, and most memorable.

They Always Have Your Back:

While your sibling would be itching to irritate you at all times, they will ensure you are never bullied by anyone else. They will secretly protect you from all the troubles. You know you can tell them a secret, share things that make you feel light, talk about life in general, or seek their help in any situation. Watch them put on their invisible cape and be ready to have your back in all stages of life.

Undeniably, your sibling is the most valuable person in your life. When they are at home, annoying you and you just wish to have some peace of mind, but if they are away, you start craving their presence. You miss the jokes, fights, pranks, and everything else about them.

So, this Raksha Bandhan, how about you give your sibling a gift they can cherish for life?

Best Gifting Ideas for Raksha Bandhan

Nothing could be better than protecting the wellness of the ones who protect you, right?. So, the gift of good health, wellbeing, and happiness would be just perfect!

Raksha Bandhan 2022 With the Promise of Good Health

Ensure your gift includes the following essential health and nutrition supplements for a healthy and happy life.

Glutathione: It is an essential antioxidant that keeps your body fit and active. Taking the right amount of glutathione daily boosts energy, slows down aging, detoxifies the liver, improves skin health, reduces dark spots and pigmentation, reduces stress effects, and improves sleep quality.

Vitamin C: It is a miraculous vitamin and highly recommended by doctors, primarily dermatologists. It is a known fact that vitamin C helps in building immunity. It is also the best vitamin for skin as it reduces dark spots, brightens the skin tone, and imparts a healthy glow. So, if you want your sibling to enjoy some great compliments for their beautiful skin, you'll have to ensure they consume the right amount of vitamin C daily.

Collagen: It is a protein that is found in our body. It helps in maintaining good bone health. It is also highly beneficial in reversing the signs of ageing, such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, etc. As we age and cross our 20s, the levels of collagen in our body start falling rapidly. As a result, our bones start getting weak and our skin starts sagging, looking dull and old. So, it is important to maintain the collagen levels in our body to slow down the process of ageing. Additionally, it also fulfills the daily protein requirement.

Biotin: It is also known as vitamin B7 and doctors recommend it to everyone who wishes to have thick hair, stronger nails, and healthy skin. If you know your sibling struggles with hair, skin, or nail issues, there is a possibility they may be deficient in biotin. Just the right dose of biotin makes for a great supplement for hair, skin, and nails.

Omega 3: It is a compound of fatty acids, commonly found in fish, eggs, meat, flax seeds, chia seeds, soya bean, etc. It is an essential nutrient that helps in maintaining brain and cardiovascular health. It has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the risks of heart diseases.

Vitamin D: Can you imagine how your life would be if your sibling was unable to run after or chase you for fun? So, to never let that happen, ensure they include vitamin D in their daily diet for strong, dense, and thick bones. It also helps prevent osteoporosis; a common bone disorder, and also keeps their muscles, tendons, and ligaments strong.

Multivitamins: You know, for a healthy living, nourishing the body with all the essential vitamins is very important. However, there are over 25 vitamins and minerals and it is almost impossible to take one tablet for each. So, you should give your sibling one multivitamin for an energy boost. It will help them enjoy the best of beauty, health, and wellness.

Ashwagandha: If there is one health essential your sibling needs every day, it is Ashwagandha. I. It reverses the effects of stress on the body. It aids in giving a soothing effect to the mind, resulting in better sleep and functioning. It also helps in lowering blood pressure and boosting immunity. So, you can continue with your fights, pranks, and chasing one another because Ashwagandha will de-stress them and bounce back with energy.

Ursolia and D-mannose: If there is one ?uncomfortable secret? you know your sibling can share with you, it could be their struggle with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Including ursolia and D-mannose in the daily diet helps cure UTI naturally and prevents its reoccurrence.

Now, are you wondering how to incorporate all the important nutrients in your sibling's life? Well, we have it ready for you!


A Healthy Gift of Enriched Vitamins and Minerals for Your Sibling

Our special Raksha Bandhan hamper includes high-quality nutrition essentials, and is a perfect gift for your sibling. We at Chicnutrix have curated different hampers with the following products.

Glow: It has the perfect blend of Japanese glutathione and vitamin C. It is clinically proven to provide powerful antioxidant support, reduce dark spots and pigmentation, and help achieve naturally glowing skin in just 90 days.

Super C: It has natural amla extracts and zinc. It helps revitalise skin and prevent discolouration, provides sun protection, boosts collagen production, and maintains overall body health with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Bounce: It is the best hair nutrition. It has the right blend of biotin, selenium, and a hair recovery complex of 20 amino acids. It is highly recommended by doctors as it effectively controls split ends, improves hair growth, increases hair density, and maintains hair follicle health.

Beautymins: It's got a Unique formulation of 26 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It provides daily nutritional needs, prevents vitamin-mineral deficiencies, protects the skin from daily damage, maintains skin integrity and texture, maintains healthy hair, and strengthens brittle nails.

Omega 3: It is formulated to be gentle on the stomach, completely burpless, and has no fishy after taste. It prevents acne and dry skin and hair, improving overall body health. It also reduces inflammation and maintains a healthy cardiovascular system.

Calciolive: It has clinically proven Bonolive, olive leaf extract, calcium and vegan vitamin D3. It strengthens and maintains bone health, stimulates bone formation and balances the dynamic bone renewal process, increases the number of osteoblasts, and provides protection from impaired bone turnover.

Happee: It's India's first triple action formula that naturally helps manage UTI. It has ursolia extract, cranberry extract, and D-mannose that maintain urinary tract health, prevent inflammation, cleanse and protect the urinary tract from infection, and prevent recurring infections.

Plant-Based Collagen Builder: It consists of a collagen builder blend, cell renewal blend & skin protection blend extracted from vegan protein sources. It is highly effective in reversing the signs of ageing on the skin by restoring 80% of the collagen. It maintains skin elasticity and makes it look plump and youthful.

Ashwagandha KSM-66?: It is also known as the Indian Ginseng. It acts like a natural skin de-stresser, revitalises skin, rejuvenates skin cells, relaxes the mind and helps you be calm, and reduces allergies.

So, visit www.chicnutrix.com right way and choose the hamper that you know your sibling will love! Our the products are made with Swiss effervescent technology. So, they only need to be popped in a glass of water, let it fizz, and say cheers to feeling happy, healthy, and positive. And our flavours taste great too! So, you don't have to worry about your sibling being fussy about having it every day.

Daily Multivitamin for Immunity and Healthy Lifestyle

In this hustle-bustle of life, we overlook our and our loved one?s health and wellbeing. Stressful lives, unhealthy eating habits, poor hydration, etc., result in a lack of nutrition. So, it is about time we start consuming multivitamin supplements for immunity and strength. And what better day than Raksha Bandhan to help your sibling take a step towards holistic wellness, now and forever?

Here?s hoping, we help your sibling come one step closer to taking care of themselves and finding an easy route to always choosing themselves first.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Raksha Bandhan 2022!


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