Pre & Post Holi Tips for Skin and Hair Care

Published : Mar 17, 2022 7 mins read Updated On : Nov 30, 2022

Holi fever is here, and preparations are in full swing in every home. This festival is a melting pot of emotions, happiness, and never-ending excitement, from relishing tasty sweets like Malpua, Gujia, and Thandai to stocking up on colours and water-filled balloons. Holi can be a messy festival to celebrate amid all the colours, water splashes, and sun exposure.??

Skin and Hair Issues During Holi:?

Before you get too fired up, keep in mind that a little planning and a simple ritual performed before and after Holi can benefit both men and women. The bright colours add colour to the celebration, but they could also provide a significant difficulty for our skin and hair, once the festivities are gone. Chemically based brilliant colours can last for days, if not weeks, on skin and hair. These issues can vary depending upon the skin and hair type you have. Here are a few:

Oily Skin: If you have oily skin, the chemicals in the colours might add to getting acne, especially if you have acne prone skin too.?

Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, the chemicals might irritate your skin which can cause redness.?

Dry Skin: If you have dry skin, the colours might not leave your face easily causing your skin to breakout.?

Coloured Hair: If your hair is coloured you must be extra careful because the chemicals can mix with your hair and stay there for a long time.?

Curly Hair: If you have curly hair, you must already be taking care of your curls. So be careful with the colours as your curls may get damaged.?

Dry Hair: If you have dry hair, the chemicals may lead to hair loss, so be careful and protect your hair.?

    We understand the importance of celebrations, which is why we've compiled a list of tips to help you keep your skin and hair healthy during the holidays.

    Pre Holi Skin and Hair Care Do's and Don'ts:??


    • Ensure that your skin is properly hydrated. Chemicals used in Holi colours tend to dehydrate the skin. The night before, apply a moisturising overnight sleeping mask.?
    • Coat your hands and nails in petroleum jelly to keep them from colouring your skin.?
    • Use barriers such as long-sleeved tees, floor-length gowns, and sunglasses to keep colour out of your eyes.?
    • Apply a few drops of lemon juice to your scalp if you have a sensitive scalp. The citrus fruit will prevent your scalp from infections caused by the poisonous hues.?
    • Wear safety glasses and avoid contact lenses.?
    • Cuts and wounds should be avoided - If you are harmed while playing Holi, wash the area right away and apply ice to it. To avoid chemical absorption, clean with an antibacterial lotion.?

      Pro Tip: If you want to get rid of those chemicals, don't scrub or pull on your skin. To achieve this, use moderate oil cleansers and finish with a light moisturiser.?


      • The week prior, avoid any therapies such as facials, bleaching, waxing, threading, peels, or laser therapy.?
      • Up to two days before, avoid saunas, extensive exposure to the sun, or exfoliating treatments.?
      • When playing Holi, keep your hair in a braided ponytail or wear bandanas to protect your hair.?
      • After oiling your body, don't forget to apply sunscreen (gel-based, waterproof, and SPF 25). Remember to reapply sunscreen if you're out in the sun for more than 4 hours.?
      • Don't stay in your 'wet clothes' for too long ? Make sure you don't spend too much time in wet garments.?

        Pro Tip: Although dehydration is common during Holi, you may minimise its detrimental consequences by drinking enough water in the days preceding up to the festival.??

        Post Holi Skin and Hair Care Dos and Don'ts:??


        • Use a natural face wash to wash your face because the chemicals in a chemical face wash can react with the chemicals in the colour and may leave a permanent mark on your face.?
        • When we arrive home following a long day, our skin finally has a chance to repair, regenerate, and undo and all the damage occurred during the day. So, it's important to get your beauty sleep.?
        • Post Holi, follow a pious, chemical-free evening skincare ritual.??
        • If your skin breaks out, apply Aloe-Vera gel or Lacto-Calamine lotion, both of which have anti-inflammatory characteristics.??
        • Bathe in cold water to remove the colour of your hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed specifically for colour-treated hair.?
        • Apply a leave-in product and a heat protectant to a hot water towel and wrap it around your head. Allow your hair to dry naturally.??
        • A hair spa and a deep conditioning scalp massage will leave your hair feeling strong and revitalised.?


          • Warm water should not be used to wash your face as it dries the skin.??
          • To remove the colour residue, avoid using alcohol-based toners, exfoliants, scrubs, or any product with an artificial smell.??
          • Allow the skin to recover before scheduling any salon treatments or appointments.??
          • Do not continually wash your hair because it absorbs moisture from the scalp, leaving it dry, flaky, and irritated.??
          • To remove colours from your face and skin, do not use kerosene.?

            Pro Tip: As part of your post-Holi skincare routine, remember to drink enough water to stay hydrated and acne-free. These easy, yet effective strategies can help you soak up the holiday spirit without having to worry about your skin.??

            Holi Skin and Hair Care FAQs:

            Q. What is the best way to clean my skin after Holi?
            A. Combine 2 teaspoons besan, 1 tablespoon curd, and a few drops of rose water in a mixing dish. To make a paste, properly combine all of the ingredients. It should be thoroughly applied to the affected areas. Wash it off after it has dried. Using proper Vitamin C and blood purifying supplements can also help. Chicnutrix Super C and Cleanse are such supplements that can help clean the skin from within after Holi. It really helps to clear acne prone skin. This makes them the best supplements for skin.

            Q. Does Holi powder leave a stain on the hair?
            A. The colours discolour hair and skin if they are not removed. Avoid getting facials, bleaching your hair, or changing the colour of your hair after Holi. You should wait at least one or two weeks before using any strong chemicals. Holi powder can make your hair dry and fragile so taking proper care of them is very important. Chicnutrix Bounce and Hair Superfood are hair care supplements and can be your hair?s knights in shining armours this Holi. They help make your hair shiny, bouncy, healthy and repair the damage done to your hair. This is what makes them the best hair supplements one can find.

            Q. Does Holi powder leave a stain on the skin?
            A. You can remove the powder from your skin and hair naturally, but there are a few things to remember. To get rid of the Holi colours, stick to your skin and hair care routine. Because of the Holi powder stain, your skin might get a bit dull and lose its natural glow. Chicnutrix Glow comes to your rescue. Made with Japanese Glutathione and Vitamin C it can help you get glowing skin from within.

            Q. Why use Chicnutrix?

            A. The supplements from Chicnutrix are all formulated with Swiss Technology, made with clinically proven ingredients and are approved by dermatologists so they have no negative effects unless you are allergic to some ingredients. Here?s what makes the above-mentioned products great:

            Chicnutrix Super C: Formulated with 1000mg of Natural Vitamin C with Amla extracts and Zinc. Super C reduces acne breakouts and rejuvenates skin with added sun protection.

            Chicnutrix Cleanse: Formulated with 500mg of Natural Curcumin rich Turmeric, Black pepper, Ginger, and Zinc. Cleanse purifies the blood, enhances skin and improves complexion. It also reduces excess sebum production & protects the skin barrier function.

            Chicnutrix Bounce: Formulated with Biotin, Selenium, and hair recovery complex of Amino Acids, Bounce helps increase hair density and bounciness with decreased hair fall and promotes nourishment and maintenance of overall health of hair follicles.

            Chicnutrix Hair Superfood: 19 plant-based, high-quality superfoods and 3 unique blends are combined to give you long, smooth hair. Because it's high in amino acids, it helps to boost keratin formation, repair, and prevent hair damage. With potent antioxidants, it promotes scalp health and strengthens hair. Reducing DHT production helps to prevent hair shedding and strengthens hair follicles, preventing them from shrinking.

            Chicnutrix Glow: Vitamin C and Japanese Glutathione are included in this formula. Glow helps improve skin health and provides a natural shine and radiance. It also helps in reducing the appearance of dark patches, pigmentation and the formation of melanin promoting bright, even-toned skin.

            Other than these, Chicnutrix offers a whole range of beauty and wellness supplements to help you be your best self.

            So, pledge to stay hydrated, healthy, safe and protect your skin this Holi with your #NutritionBFFs from Chicnutrix.

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