Olympic Day 2023

Published : Jun 22, 2023 10 mins read

The world of sports is truly intriguing. When you watch your favorite athlete emerging as a winner in the Olympics, it fills you with a sense of pride and motivation.

While you watch the Olympic games with great interest, hoping for the players to make your country proud, have you ever wondered about how dedicated they must be to their fitness? They must maintain optimal levels of fitness at all times – a task that is certainly easier said than done.

Olympic Day 2023

This Olympic Day 2023, a new global movement, #LetsMove, is established to inspire the world to indulge in physical activity for better physical and mental health.  At Chicnutrix, we hail this movement as it completely aligns with our vision – to enrich lives with clean, high-quality nutrition for better wellbeing.

In this blog, we’ve shed light on some fun facts about the Olympics, common wellness issues athletes experience and our solution in the form of smart nutrition.

Hope you enjoy reading!

Interesting facts about India’s Olympic Champs!

While the nation beams with pride over our players marking historic victory at the Olympics, not many are aware of the struggles our champions braved through. Here are our top three picks of their inspiring journeys.

Neeraj Chopra

He is the first Asian athlete to win an Olympic gold medal in men's javelin throw.
Did you know he had to undergo an arthroscopic surgery on his right throwing arm in 2019? He could not participate in any form of competition for about eight months.
However, instead of giving up, he decided to focus on enhancing his physical health, starting with cycling as he could not move his hand. Eventually, he started training and slowly got back in form. As a result, India got its first-ever gold medal!

Meerabai Chanu

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, the Indian weightlifter who won a Silver Medal at Tokyo Olympics Day One!
She hailed from a poor family in Nongpok Kakching village. She travelled 22 kms one way every day to reach her training facility. She started using Bamboo trunks as barbells to perfect her weightlifting techniques for 6 months.
She left the world in awe by achieving remarkable success at the Tokyo Olympics; without having any world-class facilities!

Saina Nehwal

She needs no introduction! An ace badminton player who’s made India proud several times. Born in Haryana, she battled patriarchy right after her birth when her grandmother refused to see her for a month. She made her way through the rigid ideas that discriminated women and went on to become the first and only Indian badminton player to win an Olympic Bronze medal!

Olympic Day 2023

Olympics leading sporting event where thousands of participants across the world take part in a variety of competitions. Some of the common Olympic games are swimming, water polo, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, cycling, equestrian, javelin throw, etc.

On 23 June, 75 years after it was first held, Olympic Day 2023 will be celebrated by over five million people in 130 National Olympic Committees across five continents!

"On Olympic Day, we celebrate the Olympic Movement's mission to make the world a better place through sport," said IOC President Thomas Bach.

Common wellness problems due to unhealthy living

Did you know that research shows 80 per cent of young people fail to reach the daily activity level recommended for optimum mental and physical health?

Unfortunately, health and wellness issues among people are on the rise due to lack of physical activity, adequate nutrition, smoking, excessive drinking, and stress; here are some common lifestyle diseases.

  • PCOS: it is a complex condition that mainly affects women of the child-bearing age. PCOS disbalances hormones and as a result, one experiences irregular menstrual cycles, acne, facial hair, weight gain/loss, etc. If not managed well, this condition is potent enough to make one feel lethargic. It causes exhaustion and drains one out to the point where they get demotivated to take care of their health and wellness.
  • UTI: lack of hydration is one of the main causes of UTI. Your body consists of toxins that need to be flushed out regularly. Also, using common restrooms at the gym, swimming in unclean pools, etc., make you prone to UTI. While most of the time, UTI is not considered as a serious condition, experiencing symptoms such as abdominal pain, inflammation, fever, frequent urination, etc., can push you further away from your fitness goals.
  • Unhealthy weight: every second person is struggling with their weight issues. Whether it is weight loss/gain, achieving optimal fitness levels and BMI is a dream of millions. Unhealthy eating habits, lack of nutritious food, and physical inactivity are the leading causes of unhealthy weight. Also, conditions such as PCOS, that usually stem from poor lifestyle choices add to the struggle.
  • Hair loss: hair fall, split ends, frizz, hair thinning, etc., are the most common hair problems faced by millions. Typically, most of them start hoarding various shampoos, serums, conditioners, etc., to make their hair healthy. However, most of the hair problems arise due to lack of internal nourishment and poor hair care routine. Which is why, no matter how many products one uses to manage their hair issues externally, it generally has little to no effect until treated internally with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Skin conditions: there’s a common saying, “whatever you put inside, shows on the outside”. Your skin easily shows the signs of stress, poor nourishment, hormonal imbalance etc. As a result, you are always battling skin conditions such as acne, dry skin, premature aging, and more. Healthy and stress-free living makes your skin glow effortlessly!
  • Osteoporosis: you may be inspired by the fitness levels of the athletes participating in the Olympic day. And you decide to exercise for a better living, but if your bones are not strong enough, you may give up exercising all together due to pain, risk of easy fractures, and brittle bones. In medical terms, this condition is known as Osteoporosis. Hence, it is always advised to take care of your physical health and nutrition in your early years to avoid the risk of Osteoporosis in the later stage of life.

Now, the good news is that most of these wellness issues can be completely controlled just by making healthy lifestyle modifications.

How to become the champions of your health?

  1. Keep yourself physically active. Make time for regular workouts. According to WHO, anyone aged between 18-64 should do at least 150–300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity a week for a healthy body and mind.
  2. Stress is the root cause of all wellbeing issues. Unless you are not mentally in a positive space, you may not feel motivated to work on your health and well. So, ensure you take steps to reduce your stress levels. Yoga, meditation, therapy, counselling, etc., are some of the options to manage stress effectively.
  3. Always ensure you consume clean, healthy food. Your food should not only be satiating but also nourish your body and mind for better wellbeing. In addition, you must consume plenty of water to stay hydrated. You may also include superfoods such as berries, avocados, sweet potatoes, quinoa, etc., in your diet.
  4. Today, most healthcare experts recommend supplements such as vitamin C, Omega-3, Vitamin D, Zinc, Folic Acid, etc., to enhance one’s wellbeing. To fulfil nutritional deficiencies, it is always best to consume supplements for healthy functioning of your body.
  5. Taking care of yourself externally is as important as internal nourishment. Keep your skin radiant and healthy from the outside by pampering it with essentials such as Vitamin C, Niacinamide serum, sunblock, etc.

#LetsMove with Chicnutrix’s Intelligent Nutrition for Optimal Fitness

We have devised a range of clinically tested and expert-approved nutrition ranges that nourishes you from within. We help you embrace true wellness by fighting off health conditions at the source!

Level up your fitness goals and make your workouts ACTUALLY work for you with LEAN, India’s premium metabolism booster.
It has a blend of 5 powerful ingredients such as L-Carnitine, Carnipure™, Vitamin B6, L-Leucine, Garcinia Cambogia, and Green Tea.
It is trusted by experts to help:      

  • Covert fat into energy
  • Block fat production
  • Boost metabolism
  • Control hunger pangs

Cysterhoo d NAC + Inositol:This duo is clinically approved and India’s leading natural PCOS care.

PCOS is a complex condition, and millions are in love with our super simplified holistic care for effective PCOS management.
NAC has 600 mg N-acetylcysteine & Vitamin C to promote:

  • Balanced Hormones
  • Regulated Menstrual Cycle
  • Reduced Oxidative Stress

Improved Insulin Resistance
Inositol has clinically proven 3.6:1 MI:DCI ratio, Vitamin D3, Folate, Chromium to promote:

  • Increased pregnancy rate by 65.5%
  • Managed healthy ovulatory cycles
  • Improved fertility rate
  • Reduced acne and facial hair

Happee:It is India’s first and ONLY natural UTI treatment. It has Cranberry extracts with 50% PACs, Ursolia®, and D-mannose that helps:

  • Cleanse and protect urinary tract
  • Flush out toxins & bacteria
  • Relieve pain and burning sensation
  • Reduce inflammation

It comes in a delicious Strawberry flavor. It is an on-the-go care for UTI and has no side effects. Just pop a tablet into water, let it fizz, and drink it. You will notice significant improvement in your urinary health.

Ashwagandha:The best way to attain good physical health is to manage your mental health and Ashwagandha is a miraculous herb that works wonders on stress, and sleep apnea.

Chicnutrix Ashwagandha has 600mg Ashwagandha KSM-66 to help:

  • Fight the oxidative stress on the skin
  • Reduce stress levels by 27.9%
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Treat seasonal allegeries

It is also known as the "Indian Ginseng" that has shown clinically tested results for having a relaxing and calming effect on the mind.

Calciolife: Your fitness plans may go for a toss if you don’t have the required bone and joint strength for an effective workout session. Calciolife gives you a daily dose of 500mg Calcium to help:

  • Fulfill daily calcium requirement
  • Regulate the level of calcium in the bone
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Promotes the formation of cells for bone growth
  • Helps increase bone mineral density

Collagen Range

Think fitness, think protein!
Our collagen range consists of the best protein blends to suit every health and wellness need.
Collagen is an essential protein that keeps your skin, hair, bones, joints, gut, and other connective tissues healthy.

Beauty Collagen: it’s a unique gel shot formulation of 5g Japanese Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to help reduce signs of skin aging and improve skin elasticity.

Vegan Collagen Builder: it is India’s FIRST collagen made of 3 unique cell renewal blends for keeping your skin supple and young.

Daily Collagen with Plant Protein: it is India’s ONLY 4-in-1 collagen blend of Japanese Marine Collagen, Plant Protein, Digestive Enzymes, and Super Herbs. It is approved by experts to give you a youthful, energetic body. Also, it comes in a delicious Coffee Mocha flavor that blends perfectly well into your smoothies and other health drinks!

Mighty Collagen: it is India’s bestselling protein with 8000mg Japanese Marine Collagen Peptides + 2mg Astaxanthin ASTAREAL to promote stronger bones, joints, and muscle health.

K-skincare Range

Along with physical fitness, why not level up your beauty game? After all, you deserve to experience holistic wellness!

Our K-skincare range is crafted with multi-ingredient formulations that are safe, paraben free, alcohol free, and cruelty free. It’s made in Korea, for the Indian skin.

Outshine: after a great workout, unwind your day with Outshine! It is a lightweight, refreshing brightening serum made of 2% Niacinamide, Arbutin, Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Triple Hyaluronic Acid Complex. It absorbs deeply into your skin and works on preventing dark spots, dullness, and evens out skin tone.

Hydrate: Intense exercise + lack of hydration = dry, dull skin! While your body looks fit, your skin may lack luster. Plump it up with Hydrate! It is India’s bestselling hydrating serum made of 5% 10 Hyaluronic Acid Complex, Panthenol, and Glycerin to provide intense nourishment for dewy-looking skin.

Reverse: physical activity and a healthy diet makes you feel young and energetic, but does your skin look youthful too? Get a boost of youthfulness with Reverse, an anti-aging serum made of anti-aging actives such as Hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides, Retinyl Palmitate, Triple HA Complex, and Arginine. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and makes your skin supple.

Block: every dermatologist stresses this using this one skin essential – sunblock! It protects your skin from the harmful UV/UB rays, reduces the risk of skin cancer, and prevents sunburns/suntans. Chicnutrix Block is trusted by experts and loved by millions for its SPF 45 PA+++, Niacinamide, and Adenosine formulation. It is a lightweight sunscreen that leaves no white cast. It gives 98% sun care, provides hydration and anti-aging benefits.

Ilume: we all love skincare that’s quick, effective, and hassle-free. Illume is infused with lemon essence rich in Vitamin C with added benefits of Niacinamide, Hyaluronic acid and Collagen peptides that rejuvenates your skin and brightens it up in just 15 minutes!

So, don’t postpone your wellbeing for another day!

Think like a true Olyampian and take a step towards holistic wellness to unleash the Neeraj Chopra and Mirabai Chanu within you!


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