Myths about glowing skin debunked

Published : Jul 02, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Nov 30, 2022

?Beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle? ? ERNO LAZLO

I don?t want a flawless glowing skin, said no womn ever! Getting your skin to co-operate with you is just too much to ask for? Acne, dark circles, face marks, dead skin, breakouts, eczema and many more. It is really hard to endure a woman who does not undergo facial skin issues like these. We try almost every possible hack to get over these issues, we switch products, and try almost all the remedies we know with a hope that this might turn the table but still everything remains the same. The point is we don?t want to waste our time or money in believing things which are not beneficial to us, right?

Here are few skin-glowing myths busted which we all need to know about;

? What if I scrub harder? It might give me better results

In fact scrubbing your skin harder will spoil your skin, as the top layer of the skin is a protective barrier layer, scrubbing your skin harder will disrupt the upper layer and make the skin more sensitive towards the UV Rays which will lead to rashes and easy tanning. According to research if you over-exfoliate your skin, the chances are more that you will end up having tiny cracks in the skin. The absolute number of times one should be exfoliating is three times a week.

? I can?t moisturize my skin is oily

The truth is every type of skin needs to get moisturized, why? Because when we cleanse our skin, the natural moisture in our skin gets strip of which will lead to releasing excessive oil production in the oily skin. That might affect the skin and will give birth to extra scars and breakouts. A light water based oil free moisturizer will work effectively.

? Bleaching my face will make my skin glow

It?s true that the bleach will make your skin appear fairer, but the fact is bleach works on your facial hair and not the skin. It is the facial hair that changes it color because of which your face glow. It is advisable to get a patch test done first on the back of the ear or on the arms just to be assured that if your skin is not allergic to it.

? Oh snap! I can?t sweat it will affect my skin.

It?s a myth! Sweating does not make you break out. The fact is when the sebum glands gets clogged with oil that causes acne and not the sweat. Don?t blame the sweat for what the oil did.

? I don?t want sunscreen my foundation already has SPF content in it

It?s a myth, the SPF in your makeup is not really enough to protect you from sunburn, according to Dermatologist- Leslie Baumann, makeup does not provide a sufficient coverage, we need 7 times the normal amount of foundation and 14 times the normal amount of powder to protect our skin from the sun. SPF in makeup is not just enough it might protect your skin for the short period but it won?t protect your skin for a long time.


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