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Mother's Day 2022: Gift Your Mom Amazing Beauty and Skin Essentials

Published : May 6, 2022 4 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

She is angelic and an inspiration
She'll hold your heart forever
She's the world's most beautiful creation
She's the sunshine that makes life better

Every year on Mother's Day, the world unites to cherish motherhood. It's a day to celebrate the beautiful bond you share with the greatest gift in this world- your mom!

You'll always need your mom by your side, no matter how old you get. She is your true guiding star. So, promise yourself to thank her and be grateful for her love, care, and efforts not just on Mother's Day, but every day.

Supercharge your mother with health supplements

The lifestyle we live today and the quality of food we consume lack all the essential nutrients that are required for our wellbeing. So, always ensure your mom includes the following nutritional supplements for a healthy life.

1 Biotin: Wouldn't you love it if your mom gets complimented for her beautiful hair, glowing skin, and excellent body health? Biotin is one of the essential nutrients needed for healthy skin, hair, nervous system, liver, eye, and heart.

Benefits of Biotin:
? Helps manage diabetes
? Promotes healthy hair
? Improved skin health
? Makes nails stronger
? Acts as a metabolism booster
? Promotes heart health

2 Calcium: Your mom will never stop running around to do things for you, so ensure she has bone-strengthening foods in her daily diet. It's a known fact that calcium and Vitamin D3 help make bones stronger, and it also enables proper heart, muscle, and brain functioning.

Benefits of Calcium:
? Makes bones stronger and healthier
? Reduces fatigue and tiredness
? Promotes healthy heart, muscle, and brain health
? Reduces the chances of Osteoporosis (bones becoming brittle and weak)

3 Omega 3: It is a nutritional powerhouse! It works wonders for skin health, nourishes hair from root to tip, and helps in maintaining overall body health. Just one dose of Omega 3, and your mom will look and feel as fit as a fiddle!

Benefits of Omega 3:
? Prevents acne and hydrates skin
? Lowers blood pressure
? Prevents heart diseases
? Supports muscle recovery

Are you wondering where you would find all these nutrients and include them in your mom's everyday life? Well, worry not! We have it sorted for you.

Mother's Day Gift: Nutritional Vitamins & Supplements

At Chicnutrix, we believe in simplifying nutrition so that no mom is deprived of the essential nutrients she needs for a healthy and happy life. This mother's day, we have a special hamper to pamper all the lovely mothers with the choicest nutrition for their health and wellbeing.

Complete Skin & Beauty Nutrition

This hamper includes all the skin and beauty nutrition that your mom needs everyday.

? Chicnutrix Bounce: An essential hair food for her crowning glory
? Chicnutrix Calciolive: The best calcium supplement to build her bones as? strong as she is
? Omega 3: An must-have super nutrient to boost her overall wellness

Five reasons to say "thank you, mom"!

1 She knows you in and out: Can you pretend you are happy when something's bothering you? Not in front of your mother! She has the magic powers to figure out that you need some support. She'll then do what it takes to cheer you up ? from cooking your favorite dish to becoming your counselor (and the best one!). So, if there's one person with whom you can be absolutely yourself, it is your mom.

2 She's ALWAYS been there for you: When you need some hot soup and a warm hug while you're sick, when you want someone to chat while you sip tea, or when you look for help to pull you out of trouble; your mom is your go-to person. You can always count on her because she'll always have your back.

3 She'll give you the BEST advice: You can bank on your mom's experience and advice whenever you feel directionless. No one knows your capabilities, mindset, and caliber better than your mom. So you can always trust her judgment and know that she wants nothing but the best for you. Her advice will open up the doors to many solutions that?ll get you back on track.

4 She's your best friend: Want to check out a new restaurant? Want to watch a movie? Or want to pass on an exciting gossip? Then, look for your mom; she'll always be game to do fun things with you (and she deserves it too). Your friends may cancel on you sometimes, but your mom will be ready in a jiffy to get your fun time started.

5 She'll never give up on you: Try telling your mom that you want to quit or you are demotivated; you'll see her turn into the best motivational speaker at the bat of an eye! Even if you think of giving up on yourself, her confidence in your abilities will help you move the mountains. She doesn't even have to give a long, hard-hitting speech on how you'll achieve the best things in life; a mere "I BELIEVE IN YOU" from her will do the trick.

While you are fortunate to have a mom who thinks of you, your health, and happiness first, it's about time your mom lives a happy life and enjoys the best of health at all times.

So, find your mom, give her a warm hug and tell her how much you love her. Then, visit www.chicnutrix.com and order the gift of good health and wellness for her right away!

Chicnutrix wishes all the Chic moms a very Happy Mother's Day?Today & Everyday!


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