Marine omega vs Vegan omega

Published : Jun 14, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Nov 30, 2022

Why consume marine omega, when there are vegan sources of the same. This question is often asked by my clients, whenever I recommend them Omega-3 fish oil supplements, Because, marine omega is way much better and today let me break it down and tell you exactly why!

?Fish oil supplements are the most popular sources of Omega-3 but with the advent of vegan diet, people are now looking for vegetarian omega-3 alternatives. But that raises the question which is the best omega-3 capsules in India, the marine omega-3 supplements or the vegan omega-3 supplements.?

?Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids that work its magic on our skin, hair and overall body. Omega-3 forms a protective barrier which provides the necessary nourishment and moisturisation to the scalp and skin. It also maintains the water content, and keeps the skin soft and supple. Low levels of omega-3 can cause skin to become unhealthy, dry with irritating acne breakouts.

Omega-3 fatty acids contain important components known as EPA and DHA which are essential to our skin, hair and overall body health. DHA helps support foetal growth, developmental of brain, eyes and helps prevent itchy scalp and dandruff. EPA helps regulate the oil production, boosts hydration and prevents acne due to dryness. So now that we know what EPA and DHA does, we understand its importance.?

Vegan Omega-3 v/s Fish oil

Vegan Omega-3 or vegetarian sources of Omega-3 do not contain these EPA or DHA directly. But they do contain ALA, which is then converted to EPA and DHA by our body to make it useful. However, the converted quantities are not sufficient as our body needs a minimum of 500mg of combined EPA and DHA every day.?

Only about 5% of ALA gets converted into EPA, and about 0.5% gets further converted into DHA. So, to suffice our daily EPA and DHA requirements we will need to have 3 times the amount of ALA which is way too much of ALA to be eating.

Hence, opting for fish oil supplements or vegan omega-3 supplements is much better as omega-3 fish oil has readily available EPA and DHA.


Difference Between Omega-3 and Fish Oil:

  • Vegan omega do not contain EPA & DHA
    It contains ALA which is converted to EPA & DHA but not in sufficient quantities
  • Omega-3 fish oil supplements contains readily available EPA & DHA
  • Chicnutrix Mighty Omega is pure quality fish oil, mercury free, burp less and has no fishy aftertaste


Which brings us to the next question, which is- which marine omega-3 supplement is the best omega-3 capsules in India.

And the answer would be Chicnutrix Mighty Omega because it is made out of pure ocean fish and contains 625mg of EPA, DHA already present in 3:2 ratio. It is mercury and heavy metals free, so no worries about toxins as it is highly processed. Unlike other fish oil supplements, it is also burp less and has no fishy aftertaste making it the better omega. It is clinically tested and dermatologist approved. It is available in a jar of 6o chocolate flavored softgel capsules.?


Go grab your Chicnutrix Mighty Omega now!


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