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How to Maintain and Support Urinary Tract Health

Published : July 2, 2021 5 mins read Updated On : May 05, 2023
Urinary Tract Health People usually don?t pay much attention to the health of the urinary system, but it affects everyone. Women are more prone to infections of the urinary tract compared to men because of the anatomy of the female urinary system. As long as the infection is in the bladder and urinary tract it is all right, but if the infection reaches the kidneys then it can become serious. By developing a few simple habits you can ensure that you know how to maintain a healthy urinary system. Let us look at some of these habits.

Drink a lot of fluids

Healthy people should drink at least 8 oz of water daily. The water in the body gets filtered by your kidneys and collects in the bladder till it is full and you feel the urge to urinate. If you don?t drink enough water the urine in the bladder can become concentrated and this can cause strong smell and irritation in the bladder which will make you feel the urge to urinate more often. This concentrated urine can cause discomfort when you urinate, and it also increases the chance of infection or kidney stones. If you are prone to infections or kidney stones you should drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. This way you can learn how you can maintain a healthy and strong urinary system. However, it is advisable to talk to your doctor because if you have specific heart trouble or kidney issues then it is not recommended to drink too much water.

Intake less salt

If you intake too much salt in your diet then the salt, mineral and water balance in your kidneys will be unstable. Too much sodium in your diet is also associated with high blood pressure. Long-term high blood pressure if not controlled can lead to damage of the kidneys. It can also cause kidney stones. You should pay attention to your salt intake by reading the labels of processed foods, canned soups and vegetables as well as processed meat. Most people are of the opinion that kidney stones are made up of calcium and too much salt in the diet will enhance the risk of kidney stones of calcium.

Avoid too much caffeine

Caffeinated beverages are diuretic and they will cause irritation in the bladder. They will increase your need to urinate to quite a major extent. The more caffeine you drink the more you will have to pass urine. Too much caffeine can also cause dehydration which increases the risk of bladder infections, kidney stones and other problems. According to health professionals, women who have interstitial cystitis should avoid caffeine.

Drink extra water if you are exercising or exposed to the sun

On hot sunny days you lose fluids through sweat and this is also true when you are doing vigorous exercise. This is the reason that when you are exposed to the sun or indulging in exercise then you should drink more water than when you are sedentary.

Urinate and clean yourself before and after sex

During sexual intercourse, the bacteria can travel into the urinary tract which increases your risk of urinary tract infections. Urinary tract infections develop more in women after sex because the bacteria travel up the urinary tract. This is because women have shorter urethra than men. Hence urinating and wiping yourself has proven to reduce the odds that you will develop an infection. Although rare, men can also get a urinary tract infection, and during the sex act these pathogens can betransmitted to the woman.

Wipe from front to back if you are a woman

The rectum and anus have a lot of bacteria. So if you wipe front to back to clean yourself then you will prevent the bacteria from coming in contact with your vagina and this will reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.

Empty your bladder completely

One way to reduce the risk of getting a urinary tract infection and how to maintain a healthy urinary system is to empty your bladder every time you urinate. If you tighten your muscles or stop passing urine too soon the urine that was unable to escape will flow back into the bladder and enhance the risk of contracting a urinary tract infection.

Walk regularly to avoid retaining fluids

People who have heart disease or have a sedentary life may experience fluid build up in the legs during the day. This same fluid will cause the urge to urinate often during the night. If you have fluid retention in the legs then you will have to wake up several times during the night. You should try to walk around more often during the day to avoid fluid accumulating in the legs. If you are unable to walk then flex your calf muscles and raise your legs to the level of your waist several times a day.

Do kegel exercises to keep your urinary system healthy

Kegel exercises prevent urinary incontinence. These exercises strengthen the muscles and provide better control on the bladder. Weak sphincter muscles can cause leakage of urine which is known as urinary incontinence. However, many people do the exercise in the wrong manner due to which it is advisable to take a doctor?s help to learn kegel exercises. Urinary incontinence can happen after natural childbirth or simply with age where the sphincter muscles that control the urine out flow become weak.

Watch what you eat

Women suffer from a condition called interstitial cystitis which is more common in women than in men. This condition can cause pain in the bladder, the urge to urinate frequently and even sexual dysfunction. To ease the effects of this condition, you should avoid acidic foods like tomatoes, orange juice etc. keep a diary to check which foods cause flare ups and avoid them in your diet. Also, consult a doctor about your condition so that proper treatment can be advised.

Don't hold up the urge to pee

Simply, holding the pee won't cause UTI but it may lead to other health issues. Other than that, it is essential that you empty your bladder on the regular basis and don't hold in the pee as the bacteria are more likely to sit in the bladder and multiply which will lead to UTI. UTI is not only uncomfortable but quite painful too and prevention is always much better than cure. Follow these healthy habits to maintain and support the urinary tract health. UTI is quite common, especially among us ladies, but you don't have to worry anymore about it, you can pee happee with Chicnutrix Happee.


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