How to boost your immunity with yoga poses

Published : Jul 02, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Nov 30, 2022
Yoga is an ancient science which is being practiced in India for the last almost 5000 years. It is said that if you practice yoga properly then it can help in healing and curing many ailments. Nowadays the most important challenge that most people face is the loss of immunity. Due to unhealthy lifestyles and wrong dietary habits, the immune system of the body becomes weak and causes you to fall ill more often . However, if you practice some yoga poses then it will enhance your immunity and prevent you from catching infections easily. Let us look at some yoga poses that help in boosting immunity.

Sphnix Pose

sphnix pose This asana has a lot of therapeutic properties for the nervous system. It is very useful in dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. It is an easy pose and it is excellent for the days that you feel are overwhelming you. Researchers consider this pose to be a restorative yin pose. In other words, this pose does not demand too much exertion from the body. If you do this in the morning then it energizes and soothes the mind. It also has a massaging action on the lower part of the abdomen and heals abdominal pain.

Backbend Pose

backend pose This is a backbend pose and such poses are very useful for the detoxification of the adrenal glands. Stress usually has a major negative impact on the adrenal glands and this pose helps these glands become normalized again. This pose is especially useful for opening up the respiratory system and will also enhance the strength and stamina of this system. This means that there are lesser chances of you getting a respiratory tract infection. It is especially useful in the cold season when the respiratory system tends to get blocked and you catch infections more easily.

Eagle Pose

eagle pose This is a pose that requires balancing and it stimulates the blood flow in the body as it puts pressure on the pressure points. This enhances the flow of the immunity boosting fluid throughout the body. The squeezing motion of the arms and legs help in boosting the circulation of blood and releasing of toxins.

Triangle Pose

triangle pose If you look at this pose then its major impact is on strengthening the core and legs. But it also helps to release tension in the shoulders and opening up of the hips. This pose is considered very therapeutic because there is an overall release in the body. This pose also causes the fascia around the lungs to become stretched and helps with breathing. If you are the type of person who hold tension in the hips, because this pose opens up the hips. Usually people carry a lot of emotional tension in the hips and trikonasana allows the energy to be released by deep opening. These are the yoga poses that help to boost the immunity of the body by releasing stress and activating some organs and body parts. However, you should remember that only exercise is not enough and you need to intake sufficient nutrients which will boost your immunity. In the modern lifestyles it is difficult to intake the right amount and kind of food hence it is advisable to take supplements like Chicnutrix Glow, and Chicnutrix Bounce these will not only enhance your immunity but also make your skin and hair better.


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