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Holi - Skin & Hair Protection

Published : July 2, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024

Holi-the festival of colours and happiness, is just around the corner, welcoming the season of spring. Regardless of your opinion, you can't escape Holi in India and our major concerns are skin and hair. How to protect them from all the harmful chemicals flying around. Here are a few tips to deal with your skin, hair and body during Holi.


  • Apply oil appropriately
It is the most ideal approach to shield your skin from the chemicals in the Holi colours. Take some oil and apply it generously all over your body, particularly to the body parts that are directly exposed to colours. This will make your skin oily and won't let the colours settle deeply into your skin layers. It will also make it simpler to remove the colours. Oil will make a layer on your skin which will shield your skin from direct contact of  colours.
  • Take Protection from Clothes
The less your body is presented to hues the lesser are the odds of skin harm. Wear full sleeved garments and full-length bottoms. Garments are the most ideal approach to reduce the contact of colour directly on to the skin layers, however, as much as could reasonably be expected.
  • Oil your hair
Not simply your skin but also your hair requires the additional security from the chemicals of the colour. Apply oil to your hair liberally. It will assist you with washing your hair effectively and dispose of all the colours from your hair. It won't let the colour stick to your scalp and hair strands. Try a bun or braid your hair instead of leaving it loose. You can always use a scarf to cover your hair.
  • Protect your nails
Your nails also need the protection from the colours. Shield those nails using a nail polish. It will prevent the colours from entering the cuticles and the skin layers. It will also protect the nail colouring.
  • Protect your Eyes and Ears.
Your eyes are extremely fragile, so don't let the colours and chemicals get to them. Cover them with shades during the day to protect them from unwanted chemicals. In the event, that the colours get into your eyes and you don't feel the relief even after washing your eyes thoroughly with water, go to your physician and get it checked. Colours getting into the ears are extremely difficult to clean. The Solution Oil the external part of your ear which will keep the colours from entering the inside of your ears.
  • Take off the wet clothes as soon as possible
Wearing wet clothes for a long time causes aggravation and rashes. Put on something else and don't remain in wet garments for long. You might also come down with a flue if you remain in wet clothes for the entire time of the day. On the off chance, that you face any sort of issue, aggravation or sensitivity on your skin, you should go to a specialist. Additionally, purchase some common, natural and environmental-friendly colours this Holi. These are some of our tips to protect your skin, hair and body from the harmful and toxic colours. We hope, you found these helpful. Have a happy and safe Holi!


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