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Hair hacks for rainy day

Published : July 2, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Jun 20, 2023

Rainy days make it seem impossible to manage your hair. Your hair goes flat and frizzy and it makes you want to cover it up. However, there are some hair hacks for rainy days that can save you the anguish you feel with your hair gone awry on a wet day. Let us look at some advice and products which will help your hair look great even on a very stormy and wet day.

Hair hacks for rainy day 

Try not to go out

Even if you are using an umbrella if you go out then your hair will be exposed to the moisture in the air. Going outdoors will frizz up your hair and you will be dealing with flat hair the entire day. This is why it is advisable to stay indoors when it is raining.

Use sea salt spray

This is one of the most interesting hair hacks for rainy days. It will give you a wavy look that you normally get when you go to the beach. Sea salt spray is the best thing to do to your hair because it will add texture to your hair and enhance your natural curls. The salt will take care of the extra natural oils in your hair and your hair will get extra volume. In fact you can use this technique even when it is not raining.

Try some dry shampoo

This is a new innovation in hair care products, dry shampoo is easy to use and safe for the hair. If your hair feels oily or damp due to humidity, all you need to do is spray some dry shampoo which will get rid of the moisture and oil. Your hair will immediately look voluminous and manageable.

Curlers are useful

There is an 80% chance that the moisture in the air is going to make your hair look wavy. However, this will look frizzy and instead of allowing the rain to make your hair wavy, you should simply bring out your curler and curl your hair. Heated tongs are great to make your hair get defined curls and this will not allow the atmosphere to frizz your hair.

Tie a top knot

The top knot is the best hairstyle for a rainy day, this is one of the rainy day hair hacks that is simple and makes your hair look naturally good. A top knot will look good even if you get wet in the rain. It is easy to do and looks good on any face cut.

Blow dry your hair completely

Of course you know that too much heat and styling is bad for the hair. However, you can lower the heat on your blow dryer and make sure that your hair is completely dry. The rainy season is not the time of the year to let your hair air dry. This is because the moisture and dampness in the air will not allow the hair to dry completely and dampness will make your hair look unsightly. If you follow the above rainy day hair hacks then your hair will look good even when it is raining. However, do not forget that you need to take sufficient nutrition for your hair to look good and keep from breaking during the wet season. Hair care supplements like Chicnutrix Bounce will ensure that your hair remains healthy throughout the year.

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