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Hair Care Tips for Humid Weather

Published : July 2, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Jun 20, 2023

Everyone loves the monsoon because it brings such respite from the heat of summer. However, this is also the weather that can be harsh on your hair. Hair care tips for humid weather are different from hair care tips for hot weather. The sticky weather can cause hair fall and breakage as well. Then again many people experience an itchy and irritable scalp. It may take effort to deal with the best way to stop hair loss during monsoon, but it is worth it.

What are the monsoon hair care best practices?

The first thing to do is shampoo and condition regularly at least twice a week to remove the stickiness and dirt that accumulates due to the stickiness. Then again you need to nourish and pamper the scalp for which warm oil massage is just the right thing to do. It is also a good idea to opt for a hair spa treatment at a salon once in a while throughout the monsoon. Make sure to dry your hair naturally because especially during monsoon hair dryers and hot irons are a strict no. Dandruff is also a major problem during monsoon which can cause additional hair fall. Hence you should use dandruff treatment shampoo and conditioner. This is one of the most important hair fall prevention tips for the monsoon. You may also need good hair treatments because the monsoon makes your hair frizzy. But if you follow the guidelines mentioned above then you will be saved from the frizz. Proper care of your hair and scalp will ensure that your hair stays healthy and lustrous throughout the monsoon and do not forget the monthly visit to the salon for some pampering of your scalp and hair.

Hair nutrition to manage monsoon hair fall and frizzy hair

1. Hair fall problems

Hair fall can occur at any time of the year but during monsoon as mentioned above it becomes aggravated. For prevention of hair fall, you should avoid the use of chemical-based shampoos and conditioners. Instead there are many natural shampoos and conditioners available in the market and they will be ideal for the purpose. This is one of the basic tips to stop hair fall. At the same time you can opt for home remedies such as using hair masks that contain natural ingredients. A henna hair mask with curd or eggs in it is a great way to not only stop hair fall but also enhance the hair growth. Oil your scalp with warm natural oils and massage gently 20 minutes before washing your hair. This simple therapy will do wonders for your hair. This is also one of the main tips to reduce hair fall.

2. Proper diet hair healthy in humid weather

Along with the hair fall prevention tips that work from the outside it is also important what you put in your body. In other words, your diet should be healthy with a lot proteins-rich foods and hair vitamins like E, A, C, biotin, selenium zinc etc. Of course, in today's world most people know and understand the value of a healthy diet. However, due to the lack of time in a hectic lifestyle it may not always be possible to eat all the nutrients that you need for healthy hair. This is the reason that you should make it a daily habit of taking hair care supplements like Chicnutrix Bounce. This hair care product contains Biotin, Selenium supplements, and amino acids food that are essential for the growth and health of hair. Apart from hair fall prevention this supplement also provides effective frizzy and dry hair solutions. This is the reason that this supplement should become a part of your daily routine. We hope that these tips help you manage your monsoon hair concerns and flaunt your crowning glory at its best.

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