Get your skin glowing with 5 DIY body scrubs

Published : Jul 02, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Jun 13, 2023

Exfoliation with a good body scrub will remove the dead cells of the skin and give it a healthy glow. Scrubs apart from removing dead skin, will also stimulate the production of collagen which helps the skin to be firm. Although there are many body scrubs available in the market, DIY homemade body scrubs made from all the natural ingredients have a much better effect on the body.

skin glowing

Coffee scrub

Caffeine has a very beneficial effect on the skin as it removes the dead cells along with removing cellulite. Caffeine also has anti-aging properties. Ingredients ? cup coffee grounds 1 tbsp. hot water 1 tbsp. coconut oil warm Add the coffee grounds and hot water in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly with a spoon. Add the coconut oil and adjust the quantity of coffee grounds and coconut oil so that the mixture is a smooth paste and not runny or dry.

Brown sugar scrub

Brown sugar an affordable and accessible ingredient that can be used for exfoliating the skin and it does a good job of it. Brown sugar is gentle on the skin and this is why it is ideal for sensitive skin. Ingredients cup brown sugar cup oil of your choice ? coconut, jojoba, almond, olive, grape seed Essential oils ? optional Combine sugar and oil in a mixing bowl and add more of either one to get the consistency right. If you wish you can add the essential oil that you like the most. Once the consistency and fragrance is just right, use it on your entire body and make sure to wash thoroughly.

Sea salt scrub

Salt is antibacterial in nature, so it can help in a lot of conditions. You should use ground sea salt because the coarse sea salt will be too harsh. At the same time this scrub is not advisable for sensitive skin because it will be too abrasive. At the same time, you should not use sea salt scrub if you have cuts on your skin as it will sting. Ingredient ? cup sea salt ? cup oil of your choice Essential oil ? optional Combine sea salt and oil in a mixing bowl and add more of either till you get the consistency right. Lavender oil or rose oil is a good option because they are relaxing according to aromatherapy. You can immediately use this scrub or store it in a container.

Green tea sugar scrub

Green tea is beneficial for your skin in many ways because it is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature. Ingredients 2 teabags green tea ? cup hot water 1 cup brown sugar ? cup coconut oil Steep the tea in boiling water till it cools down. Mix the sugar and coconut oil thoroughly. Add the cooled tea into this mixture. Store this mixture in a container.

Honey sugar scrub

Honey has anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties honey can help to repair skin tissue and protect the skin against UV damage. Ingredients ? cup brown sugar, coconut oil 2 tbsp. honey Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl thoroughly and till you get the right consistency. Store in a container. These DIY scrubs are easy to make and all the ingredients could be easily found in your kitchen. So get smooth, supple and soft skin with the amazing DIYs. You can thank us later.

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