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Choose Nutrition With Hydration For Great Skin And Hair

Published : June 1, 2022 6 mins read Updated On : Mar 22, 2024
Monsoon is around the corner! While you get ready to enjoy the refreshing showers, it?s about time you prepare for the skin and hair damage that occurs during this season. The humidity in the environment may cause skin allergies, chapped lips, flaky skin, dry hair, hair fall, and other skin/hair problems. You may arm yourselves with the best hair and skincare routines, but look around you, the monsoon is literally illustrating the answer to all your skin and hair problems ? water (read hydration).

The human body needs 2-3 liters of water for good skin and hair health. So, what happens if you do not replenish the water content in your body? Let?s find out!

Signs Of Poor Hydration On Skin And Hair

Dry, Dull, and Itchy Skin: Here?s a quick test: Does your skin feel rough and scaly? Do you get irritated with constant itching and flaking of your skin? Do you think your skin lacks glow? If even one of the answers to the above questions is a yes, it is clear that your skin needs sufficient hydration.

Frequent Skin Infection: When the skin is not hydrated enough, it becomes more prone to infections and allergies. So, if you frequently experience redness, irritation, dark circles, or inflammation, you may want to rule out the possibility of poor hydration.

Dry and Brittle Hair: You know how confident and beautiful you feel when you have a good hair day, right? But, when you stop loving how your hair feels and are unable to style it the way you want it because of breakage and dryness, it is time you grab your bottle of water and start hydrating yourself right away!

Split Ends: The ends of your hair need adequate moisture. When not well hydrated, the dryness causes split ends and makes hair look weak. So, if you need to cut your hair short frequently, evaluate if you need better hydration.

Importance Of Hydration For Healthy Skin And Hair

Like every other cell in your body, the skin and hair cells are made up of water. So, it is important to hydrate yourself well to enjoy the following health benefits ?

Moisturized Skin: You may try several ?hydrating? creams and serums, but unless your skin cells have the required water content, you will continue struggling with dry and flaky skin. Hydration locks in the moisture. So, let the fluids flow inside to help you glow on the outside.

Reduced Skin Infections: It is essential to hydrate your body well to be free of any infection-inducing elements. In fact, many dermatologists encourage their patients to opt for water therapy to manage acne, wrinkles, dullness, etc., better. So always hydrate regularly to detoxify and oxygenate your body for excellent skin health.

Improved Skin Tone and Texture: Have you noticed that most skincare product ads stress upon one aspect? That is, restoring the ?pH balance?. It means maintaining the acid-base balance in your blood. The proper pH balance promotes skin tone and texture, reduces pigmentation, and eliminates dark spots. Here?s an interesting fact ? the ideal pH balance is seven, which is the same as pure water! It means drinking enough water will help you maintain the pH balance naturally.

Stronger and Smoother Hair: Did you know that every strand of your hair contains 25% water? If there is a dip in the water content, the hair becomes dry, brittle, dull, and weak. So, ?one bottle of water a day keeps hair damage away? should become your new haircare mantra if you want to lock in strong, smooth, and lustrous hair, forever.

Now that you know the benefits of hydrating your skin and hair well, let?s address an important question.

How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated?

Consume Plenty of Water: Loren Eiseley once said, ?If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water?. From doctors? treatment to grandmothers? good old beauty tips, everything includes plenty of water in the daily diet to work wonders for skin and hair. So, ensure you never consume any less of this elixir of life every day.

Eat Foods with High Water Content: Of course, you cannot survive on water. You have to include nutritious food in your daily diet too. You may consume high-in-water- content foods like lettuce, watermelon, broccoli, pineapple, cucumber, celery, etc. You could blend some of these foods into a delicious smoothie; it is sometimes a good replacement for the basic plain water.

Take The Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Yes, drinking water alone is not enough to ensure adequate hydration. The body flushes out the water through sweat, urine, digestive system, respiratory tracts, etc. So, it is highly recommended to incorporate the essential vitamins and minerals such as Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, etc., to help with faster rehydration.

Nutrients And Vitamins To Stay Hydrated

Today, the quality of food and water we consume has degraded significantly. Even if you tend to drink sufficient water, you may not fulfill the nutritional requirements your skin and hair need. So, it is always wise to elevate the quality of the water you consume and ensure it is packed with the essential vitamins and minerals for good skin and hair health.

We, at Chicnutrix, have designed on-the-go nutrition. All our products have the choicest nutrients to help you fight all the skin and hair problems, especially ones that commonly occur during the monsoon. Our supplements are made with Swiss effervescent technology. Add one tablet to your glass of water, let it fizz, and enjoy hydrating yourself with a dose of power-packed nutrition!

Highly Recommended Supplements for Skin and Hair Hydration

Bounce: It contains Biotin, Selenium, and HRC of Amino Acids in proper doses. It helps maintain the hair follicle health and provides complete nourishment to make it visibility stronger, thicker, and frizz-free.

Super C: It is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C and Zinc. It prevents dry skin and reduces dark spots, blemishes, and marks, making your skin clear and radiant. Additionally, it also helps in boosting immunity and protects your skin and hair from harmful UV rays.

Plant-Based Collagen Builder: Your skin starts losing its elasticity due to low collagen production as you age. So, you will need to go beyond just hydrating and focus on rebuilding the collagen too. The plant-based collagen builder is packed with superfoods like Acerola extract, Pomegranate extract, Amla extract, etc., to make your skin look young, supple, and bright.

Glow: It has the perfect blend of Japanese Glutathione & Vitamin C to provide powerful antioxidant support and reduce pigmentation. As a result, you will see yourself glow differently every day upon regular consumption.

Omega 3: It is one of the best supplements to hydrate, nourish, and moisturize your body for healthy skin and hair. It reduces inflammation, maintains a healthy cardiovascular system, and prevents acne breakouts due to dryness.

Biotin: It is an essential vitamin that supports healthy hair and nails. It prevents biotin deficiency and helps in the conversion of nutrients in the body.

Ashwagandha: It is a herb best known for de-stressing the skin and mind. It revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin cells, reduces allergies, and improves overall skin health. It also helps relax the mind and provide a good night?s sleep which in turn helps with skin hydration.

You can easily include all these products in your daily diet as they are safe, vegan, clinically proven, dermatologically tested, sugar-free, and gentle on the stomach. To get more details, visit here.

We wish you the best of skin and hair health, now and always.

Happy monsoon!


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