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10 Most Common Skin Care Mistakes that People make

Published : July 2, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : May 03, 2023
10 common skin care mistakes Every girl wants her skin to be clear, healthy and glowing. But bear in mind that just like all good things, a glowing skin needs effort on your part. So we have compiled a list of things to avoid, if glowing, blemish free skin is your end goal. Changing cosmetics too often Some people think that their skin gets used to one product and they should change cosmetics often. However, this is a mistake, because the skin does not get used to cosmetics, but in changing your cosmetics you may end up with an allergic reaction to some new ingredient. Using a face scrub every day If you use scrub every day then it deprives the skin of its protective layer. It is better to opt for light chemical peeling. Even if you do not opt for a chemical peel then it is advisable to use scrub only once or twice a week. Not using make up removers If you are simply wash your face with a single cleanser and water then you are making a mistake. This will leave cosmetic particles on your face which can clog pores. It is necessary to use a good make up remover for proper cleansing of the skin. Do not change pillow case regularly It is necessary to change your pillow case every couple of days so that it does not cause blemishes on your face. Your pillow case becomes dirty due to dust particles, particles of the skin, pet hair etc. Hence even if your wash your hair and face thoroughly before going to bed you should wash your pillow cases more often Don?t use toner A toner is necessary because it restores the PH balance of the skin. Even a moisturizer will works better if there is a layer of toner beneath it. A toner without alcohol will help you to avoid problems like irritation, dryness and rashes. However a toner that contains alcohol will do just the opposite. Using powder to suppress oily look If you use powder to reduce the oily shine on the face it will be effective for a short time and it will also clog the pores. However, there are matting wipes available in the market which will remove the oil on the face. Correcting eyebrows before applying makeup If you find extra hairs on the eye brow or upper lip, let it remain during the day. This is because the redness that is caused by plucking hair will look bad during the day. It is most advisable to do this in the evening. Don?t wash face after shower Hair care products often contain parabens, silicones, and other chemicals. When you shower some of these get deposited on your face. This is why it is necessary to wash your face with a cleanser after a shower. Don?t use skin care products before sleeping It is always better to apply a night cream or serum before you go to sleep. The ingredients of these products usually negate the negative effect of decorative cosmetics and make your face appear fresh. Try and avoid these skin care mistakes to achieve that flawless glowing skin. Also, don?t forget to have your daily skin nutrition potion with all the essential nutrients needed for good skin health and radiance.


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