10 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes That You Should Avoid!

Published : Jul 02, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : May 03, 2023
hair care mistakes We all want to ensure that our manes are at their gorgeous best whenever we step out. But are we really taking a good care of it? I am not talking about all the products that we use and treatments that we do. I am talking about the way you wash, dry and style your hair which can have a major impact on the health of the hair. Healthy hair is no doubt beautiful hair. This is the reason that you should avoid the following hair care mistakes
  1. Not brushing before washing
Hair is very weak when it is wet and you should not brush or comb wet hair. At the same time, wet hair also gets tangled easily. This is the reason that you should comb your hair and remove the tangles before you wash your hair.
  1. Brushing ends only
You may think that brushing too much causes hair breakage. However, if you gently brush the scalp along with the ends of your hair, it will enhance the secretion of the natural oils of the scalp. Brushing your scalp with a wooden bristle brush from roots to end is a great way for healthy hair.
  1. Washing too frequently
Too much washing will strip your scalp of the natural oils which in turn will make your hair lifeless and dull. Even if you want to wash your hair daily then simply rinse it with water or use a light conditioner daily.
  1. Improper conditioning
Some people only condition the ends to make their hair look voluminous and lively. However, it is advisable to condition the roots along with the ends and this is especially true for people who have fine hair.
  1. Too much of towel drying
If you rub the hair too much it will make the cuticles rough which will cause dull frizzy hair along with causing breakage. Just blot the hair with a towel and allow it to dry naturally.
  1. Skipping protection from heat
Heat is one of the most damaging to hair. This is the reason that you should not use too much of blow drying your hair. Even if you use a blow dryer or styling brushes then keep the heat level to warm and not hot.
  1. Using hot irons on damp hair
IT is not advisable to use hot irons on damp hair. The curling and flattening irons can burn the follicles of the hair which will make the hair weak and cause breakage.
  1. Using hair spray before styling
Hair sprays have alcohol that burn when they come in contact with heat. This can damage your hair a lot and this is why you should always use hair sprays after the styling of the hair is complete.
  1. Teasing the hair
Back combing hair is a popular trick to style hair, but if you do this too often it will damage the cuticles of the hair and this will lead to breakage. It is better to use a root lifting spray and then blow dry for a natural volume.
  1. Thinking that you can mend split ends
Once you get split ends the only solution is to go for a hair trim. This is because no products can mend split ends. Hence you should either prevent them from happening or get rid of them by cutting them off. These are the hair care mistakes that we often tend to make in our hurry. So try to avoid if you want flaunt your crowning glory to add on to your beauty for a long time to come. Don?t forget to have your daily dose of hair nutrition with Chicnutrix Bounce, a complete hair food.


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